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Los Angeles Firefighter Jobs Overview

If you're thinking about a career fighting fires and saving businesses, homes, people, and pets, are you ready to become a plumber, electrician, mechanic, psychologist, and EMT, too? Firefighters can be called on to do all those things when they respond to fires, floods, and other disasters. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, of all the fire department calls in the U.S., less than 4% of them are actually for fire. Responding to medical emergencies, false alarms, mutual aid, and hazardous materials are all part of firefighter jobs.

A firefighter's schedule is not a standard 9 to 5. Firefighters usually work on call at a fire station for 24 hours straight, followed by 48 to 72 hours off duty. While on duty, you'll eat and sleep at the fire station and respond to calls for fires, medical emergencies, car accidents, and more. Between calls, you'll clean the fire station and vehicles, participate in fitness training, conduct drills, and write reports about that day's calls.

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About Working in Los Angeles, California

The Hollywood sign stands for everything glamourous and star-studded in Los Angeles. But did you know it was built in the 1920s to advertise a new neighborhood called Hollywoodland? The "land" was eventually dropped from the sign in 1949, and it became associated with nearby Paramount Pictures, Universal, and Warner Brothers. Today, downtown L.A. is the largest government hub outside of Washington D.C. and has the largest historical theater district in the U.S. But not all Los Angeles jobs are in show business. More than 700,000 health services and biomedical jobs and 190,000 aerospace jobs stoke L.A.'s economy.

If L.A. were a country, the city's economy would be bigger than those of Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Sweden. Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis, engulfing five counties—Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, Orange, and San Bernardino. If you're looking for jobs in Los Angeles, you have a lot of choices for relocation. There are more than 80 neighborhoods in L.A. and 16 districts just in downtown. For those who want a slightly less hectic pace, you can also find jobs in L.A.'s beautiful suburbs, including Pasadena, West Covina, and Anaheim.

Update Your Los Angeles Firefighter Resume

You'll need a resume that details your training and experience to apply for firefighter jobs. If you need to create your first resume or brush up the one you have, we've got a firefighter resume sample that includes the key components of a firefighter resume. We've also put together a firefighter cover letter to send with that resume. Use these samples as templates and follow our step-by-step guidelines to create the perfect application package.

How Much Do Firefighter Jobs Pay in Los Angeles, California?

Got money on your mind? You should! Make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth. Our Salary Tools can help you understand what you can expect to make in firefighter jobs in Los Angeles, California, as well as the skills that can boost your value and what the next steps in your career might be. Right now, the median firefighter pay in Los Angeles is $63,825 per year, which is 31% higher than the national average.

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