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Hospital Employment Information

Hospital Job Overview Hospital jobs encompass a wide variety of tasks in different areas of expertise. The primary ...

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Hospital Job Overview

Hospital jobs encompass a wide variety of tasks in different areas of expertise. The primary objective, however, remains to improve the lives of patients through comprehensive healthcare. Job opportunities include administrative duties, support (trade) staff, medical professionals, and health information management.

Daily tasks might include:

  • Performing mental and physical health evaluations
  • Checking vital signs of patients
  • Performing routine surgeries
  • Repairing medical equipment
  • Processing medical reports
  • Recording patient information

With so many departments operating within a hospital, career opportunities are numerous, and because the demand for healthcare is so great, jobs won't dry up any time in the near future. Jobs from audiologist to dermatologist are all within the realm of possibility.

Hospital Job Education Requirements

Educational requirements vary greatly from job to job. Many support or technical jobs require only a high school degree or some vocational school. Such jobs include maintenance workers, custodians, secretaries, cooks, groundskeepers or phlebotomists. Medical related jobs that don't need college include Certified Nursing Assistantsand Licensed Practical Nurses.

Other jobs, such as psychologists, nurses, IT professionals, nutritionists and dietitians require potential candidates to hold a bachelor's degree. Highly specialized medical professionals need an MD to obtain employment. Doctors of any kind are highly sought after, as for-profit hospitals depend on the adequacy and expertise of their staff to maintain high quality standards. Hospitals build their reputation on these individuals to entice new patients.

Hospital Job Market

The hospital job market is directly proportionate to the overall healthcare job sector. Over the next 10 years, that field is projected to grow by 25 percent, which is double the average national rate, and 50 times the overall national rate. The generations that are starting to age are also furthering the need for reliable healthcare, as problems with age-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are rampant. Also, with the introduction of new medical technology and medicine, people are living longer than ever.

Hospital Job Salary Information

Just like the job market, salary expectations vary from job to job. The jobs that lack degrees start at about an average of $20,000 a year. Those that hold bachelor's degrees usually start at about $50,000 a year. General physicians make an annual median salary of $220,942 while those in specialized areas average $396,233. These jobs often also offer insurance, pension plans, and retirement plans, especially to physicians in order to push them away from opening their own private practices.

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