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Seasonal Job Overview Seasonal jobs are great opportunities for extra income earners and individuals who are looking ...

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Seasonal Job Overview

Seasonal jobs are great opportunities for extra income earners and individuals who are looking to gain short-term experience in a particular field or industry. The majority of openings are temporary and only last for the duration of the specific peak period. Holidays such as Christmas, Independence Day and Thanksgiving are associated with seasonal jobs. Recruiters start hiring roughly a month before a season starts in order to prepare for the sudden spike in activities. Employment contracts end immediately after the peak period is over. Businesses that hire seasonal workers are often in need of additional manpower due to increased sales and new marketing campaigns in a given season.

Seasonal Job Education Requirements

Seasonal jobs education requirements differ from position to position. Students and individuals without a college degree are encouraged to apply for entry-level openings such as administrative assistants, sales representatives, and customer service agents. A moderate number of seasonal jobs require work experience in the relevant industry, as well as a college degree in any field. Such positions include marketing coordinators, supervisors, managerial positions and technical roles.

Seasonal Job Market

The seasonal jobs market is predictable and consistent. Due to increased consumer spending and business activity, companies are expected to capitalize on such periods by boosting their recruitment efforts. The seasonal job market also caters to specialized seasonal Christmas jobs such as Santa Clause representatives and Christmas tree harvesters. Industries that support sales-driven businesses, such as postal and shipping, may also experience an increase in seasonal employees. The hospitality and food industry have a track record for providing temporary jobs during peak periods due to vacationers and out-of-town visitors. Out of all the industries, the retail sector is always expected to offer seasonal employment opportunities to support consumers who are buying gifts.

Seasonal Job Salary Information

Seasonal jobs salaries are competitive, making such arrangements beneficial for both the employer and the worker. General roles such as customer service agents and sales staff in the retail industry can expect to make between $8.85/hr and 11.00/hr. Additional compensation for seasonal sales representatives includes commission-sharing programs. The hospitality and food industry have generally low base salaries, but tips and performance bonuses can make up for the wage gap. It is common for companies to offer special incentives during the holiday season. Discounts, coupons, and priority purchases are examples of incentives that a worker may receive during the Christmas season. Overtime pay is standard for businesses that offer extra earning opportunities.

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