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Security Guard Employment Information

Security Guard Job Overview Security guards patrol properties to protect customers and employees and thwart vandalism, ...

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Security Guard Job Overview

Security guards patrol properties to protect customers and employees and thwart vandalism, theft, crime and terrorism. Places security guards work include malls, office buildings, events and public buildings. When someone shoplifts, makes threats or otherwise causes trouble, security guards respond. Not all security guards have the power of arrest, so guards may instead detain someone until law enforcement arrives. Because certain buildings and businesses are open 24 hours a day, guards must often work unconventional hours. You may work closely with positions like inventory assistants and asset protection specialists.

Security Guard Job Education Requirements

For most security guard positions, candidates will need a high school diploma or its equivalent. To work in more sophisticated facilities, such as casinos, candidates might need a bachelor's degree and additional training and experience with video surveillance and security. Most states require guards to register with the state, especially if they carry a firearm. Vocational training programs for security guards typically help them satisfy the state's certification requirements. Security guards should expect on-the-job training in which the employer familiarizes them with job duties, reporting methods and patrol routes. Armed guards can expect longer training periods.

Security Guard Job Market

The job market for security guards is expected to grow at an average rate ' about 12 percent ' in the next ten years. As the public becomes more security-conscious and businesses look to minimize shrinkage to boost profits, security guards have become more in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities in the field will be excellent, with 1,083,600 guards currently employed and 130,200 openings. Commonly, businesses hire security guards over the holidays to meet seasonal demand, and some of these positions become permanent. In a business setting, you may also be able to advance to a position in inventory management.

Security Guard Job Salary Information

The median pay for a security guard is $27,550 per year, or $13.24 per hour. This wage rose by 0.5 percent in the last year. Guards in the profession's top 10 percent earning bracket made $43,150 annually, while guards in the lowest 10 percent made $17,510. Security guards working in the power or natural gas industries tend to make the most, with an average salary of $48,130 for those working in natural gas distribution, while guards working in drinking establishments make the least, earning salaries of $25,030. Private or personal security guards employed by individuals tend to make more on average than those working for the government, buildings or major companies. The top-paying states for this occupation in descending order are Washington, D.C., Alaska and Iowa.

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