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Temporary Jobs

Shock Trauma ICU Seasonal Registered Nurse

St. David's South Austin Medical Center

Austin, TX

ICU Registered Nurse Seasonal Plan

St. David's Georgetown Hospital

Georgetown, TX

Seasonal Temporary Critical Care RN - Sign On Bonus

Las Palmas Medical Center

El Paso, TX

Seasonal Temporary Critical Care RN - Sign On Bonus

Del Sol Medical Center

El Paso, TX

Molding Operator - 2nd Shift - Temp

Pro Staff

Alexandria, MN

Data Processing Clerk

Randstad USA

Cranston, RI

Recruiting Specialist


Lemont, IL

Warehouse Temp

Advantage Resourcing

Snyder, TX

HR Assistant - Temp

Cambridge Health Alliance

Cambridge, MA

Temporary Jobs Overview

You might want a temporary job for a number of reasons. Perhaps you'd like to try out a job before committing to a position in that company or field, or you need a way to get back into the workforce. Some people may use temporary jobs as a foot-in-the-door to an entry-level job or prefer their flexibility.

Although many temp jobs are for administrative assistants, that's not the only temporary opportunity out there. The Bureau of Labor Statistics identifies 25 industries and hundreds of the most common job titles filled with temporary employees, including construction trade workers, assemblers and fabricators, and material moving workers.

You can start your search for temporary jobs with service jobs. You can also narrow your search to jobs that are most likely to be temporary, such as:

Temporary Worker Training and Skills

When you're looking for a temporary job, you, of course, need technical skills and education for that line of work: Administrative assistants should know how to use Microsoft programs. A nursing temp needs to have the proper credentials. IT temps need to have computer-related college degrees. But there are common soft skills that employers look for when hiring a temporary employee, such as the ability to:

  • Approach all projects with commitment and diligence as if you were in a permanent job.
  • Exhibit good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Be open to feedback and criticism.
  • Make an effort to fit in with the company's culture.
  • Follow the company policies when it comes to office hours, lunch breaks, etc.

Update Your Temporary Job Resume

Whether you apply directly to a company or go through a temp agency for a job, you need a polished resume. A resume for a temporary employee should not be that different from one for a full-time job. Monster has sample resumes for temporary administrative assistants and seasonal retail employees that you can use as guides. We can also help you with cover letter samples and cover letter best practices to complete your job candidate package.

Interviewing for a Temporary Job

You should take interviewing for a temporary job just as seriously as you would for a permanent position. There might be some differences when you talk to a temp agency or the company you'll be working for. We've got an article about temporary position interviews that can give you some insight into the process. Also take a look at our collection of interview questions to get an idea of what you might be asked.

How Much Do Temporary Jobs Pay?

The short answer is that it depends on the job. In general, temp jobs pay less than permanent jobs and do not include benefits like medical insurance. However, some temp agencies do have benefits available to temporary employees who work full time for their clients. You can see what a permanent job in your field would pay by using Monster's Salary Tools. Plug in the title of your temporary job and your location to see what you would make as a full-time employee. The Salary Tools page also has information about salaries for related jobs and what skills can boost your value to temp agencies and employers.

Want to Learn More About a Company You're Interested In?

No matter how long you work there, you want a temporary job to be a good fit. Use our company profiles to get information on a company before your temp assignment starts. You can learn things about:

  • Office locations, headquarters, and size.
  • The company's mission statement.
  • The company's services and products.

Could a Temporary Job Be a Permanent Thing for You? Monster Can Help You Decide

Do you think you'd like to try a temp position? Take a look at the temporary jobs on this page to see what's available. And after you apply, it's a good idea to create a profile on Monster to get connected with recruiters and receive Monster's custom job alerts and career advice.