Contribute, grow, belong

At Monster, we welcome you for who you are, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or what you do in your free time.

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We create happier, more productive workplaces. Our diversity of thoughts and experiences allows us to push new ideas forward and add value in the world.

Together, we can redefine the way the world works.

We want

To make Monster a space where you’re safe, heard, and know that you belong.

We will

Keep taking substantial action to attract, nurture, and develop a more diverse workforce.

We know

This requires a lot of candid, consultative conversations. And we need you on board.

Bring your authentic self

“We are committed to diversity and aligning our actions with our intentions.”

Looking inward and forward

In 2021, we conducted a data audit that gave us access to relevant, timely information about our workforce. We still have a long way to go. Radical honesty was the first step to driving change and shaping our future.

Promoting inclusive hiring

Globally, we seek to increase the percentage of Monsters who belong to a minority group. In North America, we will put a focus on people who are part of BIPOC communities. To do so, we strive to be mindful of our words and actions, from how we write our job descriptions to the way we conduct interviews.

Empowering through accountability

It’s not about giving special treatment to a few. It’s about empowering all Monsters with the tools and opportunities they need to do great things. By 2027, we will have an equal representation between managers who identify as women or non-binary and managers who identify as men.

Getting every Monster on board

We want every Monster to embrace diversity and inclusion. Not through policies, but with care and authenticity. To do so, we host a series of discussions and conferences around education and allyship, and all Monsters are encouraged to complete conscious inclusion training.

Amplifying our people’s voices

Led by our Monsters and open to all, our employee resource groups (ERGs) serve as a haven of belonging. They provide a safe space for Monsters to speak with coworkers all around the world, at various levels within the organization, and who often have shared life experiences.

  • BEST – BIPOC Employees Standing Together

    Providing a safe space for people of color at Monster, fostering a more inclusive workspace.

  • Veterans Military Families ERG

    Supporting all Monsters who have served or currently are serving in the military, as well as those whose family members are connected with the military.

  • Monster PRIDE

    Promoting an inclusive community for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people at Monster.

  • Women at Monster

    Cultivating an inclusive environment that supports and encourages women to advance their skills and leadership potential through collaboration and discussion.

  • PAC – Parents and Caregivers

    Delivering programming that builds leadership competencies and increases opportunities for personal, professional, company and community success and impact for career-minded parents, caregivers, and their supporters.

  • Abilities in Motion

    Supporting all Monsters with disabilities or who serve as caregivers to persons with disabilities.

Monster’s Diversity Steering Committee

To ensure we do right by our employees and customers, we’ve created the Monster Diversity Steering Committee. This committee is comprised of leaders from each business function and in multiple countries. They are women, men, and members of minority communities who drive the Monster diversity strategy both internally and externally, serve as advocates for DEI throughout Monster, and drive the employee training and engagement agenda towards the ultimate goal of a diverse and inclusive culture.

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