Your job: Do you love it or hate it?

Pack it up, pack it in – it’s time to head out West

Monster and Brandwatch analysis reveals those who love their job enough to tweet about it in the U.S.


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Are you working for the weekend or are you a weekday warrior? While the answers are different for everyone, job satisfaction is something that Americans are not shy to talk about with anyone who will listen! Monster and Brandwatch analyzed how Americans are feeling about their jobs – and in which states people tend to love their jobs — or hate their jobs — and what the top jobs and skills are in each of these states.

To do this, Monster and Brandwatch analyzed more than 1.1 million tweets in the United States over the course of a year to find out exactly when, where and why people take to Twitter to discuss how they feel about their jobs. See the infographic below and full release to learn more about the results.

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