42% of Workers Feel Guilty About Taking Vacations

Across the United States, workers are gearing up for the last couple of weeks of the summer vacation season -- but for many of them, completely unplugging from work can be difficult.

In a recent Monster.com poll, we asked workers, "Do you feel guilty when you're on vacation?" And 11% said yes. (Of the rest, 58% said they never felt guilty, and 31% said, "It depends on what's going on at work when I take time off." A total of 1,090 people responded.)

In a separate poll, we asked, "Are you able to stop thinking about work when you're on vacation?" And 32% said no -- that is, "I think about work often, even when I'm away from it -- I can't fully disconnect." (Of the rest, 27% said, "Yes: out of sight, out of mind"; 22% said, "Sometimes: Work issues occasionally cross my mind, but I'm able to put them aside"; and 19% said, "It depends." 1,059 people responded.)

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