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Dog Walking Jobs

Kennel Attendant/ C Starting at $15 and hour with a $1000 dollar Bonus

The Dog Stop Franchising

Pittsburgh, PA

2 days ago
Kennel Technician

Smart Dog Dallas

$20000 - $40000 / Per year

Dallas, TX

5 days ago
Pet Sitter - Flexible Hours, Work From Home, Play With Pets


Westminster, MD

21 days ago
Dog Lovers Wanted - Get Paid to Play With Dogs


Catonsville, MD

21 days ago
Animal Care Technician I

Excet Inc

Edgewood, MD

14 days ago
Animal Care Technician


Cumberland, VA

12 days ago
Animal Care Technician


Indianapolis, IN

12 days ago
Dog Groomer


Traverse City, MI

7 days ago
Pet Stylist


$15 - $30 / Per hour


17 days ago

Dog-Walking Jobs Overview

Dogs need to be walked at least once every day, and with dogs in 38.4% of all households in the U.S., that's a lot of dog walking—at least 48,255,413 walks per day! When dog owners work outside the home or go on vacation, dog-walking jobs become essential for responsible pet ownership. Dog walkers are also important for older adults who can't walk Rover so easily anymore and for dogs at shelters who haven't found their forever home just yet.

A love of dogs and some insight into how much and when to walk a dog is all you need to be a successful dog walker. For example, you'll need to know that athletic and working breed dogs like collies, shepherds, and labs can handle longer walks up to 120 minutes, while low-energy dog breeds, including basset hounds, terriers, and bichon frise, need just 30 minutes of moderate daily walking. You'll need to keep a consistent schedule if you're walking the same dogs daily, dispose of waste, and keep leashes and other equipment clean and in order. A dog-walking job can also include providing food and water and taking dogs to a veterinarian. You can find openings for dog walkers at animal shelters, doggie daycare businesses, and the myriad of app-based professional pet care services that offer pet-sitting and in-home care.

If you love working with animals, you can start your search by looking for other animal care jobs. You may also want to consider doing a job search for the following similar positions:

Dog Walker Training and Skills

A successful dog walker must have the stamina to keep up with their pups, a calm demeanor, and the ability to form a relationship with the dogs in their charge. Nearly anyone can be a dog walker. There's no formal education required to be a dog walker, but some employers want to see a high school diploma or equivalent. Animal shelters depend on volunteers to walk their dogs—it's an excellent way for you to get some experience before applying for full-time positions.

Suppose you're serious about making dog walking a full-time career or want to combine it with other animal care duties. In that case, you can take classes and get a certification from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International.

Update Your Dog-Walker Resume

You'll need a resume to apply for professional dog-walking jobs. You'll want to show any experience you have caring for dogs and demonstrate that you have a good track record of success with previous jobs. You can decide how to format your resume by looking at these resume samples and browse Monster's library of resume writing tips. Whether you're dropping off an application or applying through email, make a great first impression by including a cover letter. We have cover letter samples you can use as templates and cover letter writing tips for you too!

How Much Do Dog-Walking Jobs Pay?

Dog-walking jobs come under the general heading of pet care jobs. The median pay for a pet care worker in the U.S. is $13.67 per hour. Check out Monster's Salary Tools to learn what to expect to make as a dog walker in your area. You'll also see some skills you can pick up to make you more valuable to an employer and what other related jobs are available.

Want to Learn More About a Company Before You Apply?

Monster wants to make great matches between employees and jobs. Looking at information about a potential employer can help you feel if it's a fit for you. Look at our company profiles to discover things like:

  • Training provided.
  • Benefits.
  • Photos or videos of facilities and activities.

Ready, Set, Walk Into the Perfect Dog-Walking Job!

Are you ready to jump into the market for dog-walking jobs? Look on this page for available jobs to start applying. It's also a good idea to create a profile on Monster while you're on the hunt for your next opportunity. We'll send you job alerts and post your profile so employers ad recruiters can find you.