Work from home options for nurses

You can fulfill your duties as a health care professional every bit as effectively in these positions.

Work from home options for nurses

Avoid the commute with these work from home nursing jobs.

Nurses today work in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, physician offices, ambulatory care centers, urgent care clinics, and schools. But with the onset of COVID-19, more and more nurses are finding jobs that they can do without having to commute at all, especially since Medicare has temporarily expanded its coverage of telehealth services to respond to the crisis. Work-from-home nursing jobs allow you to do fulfill your duties as a health care professional every bit as effectively as someone who works in a hospital or outpatient facility. 

“There are a lot more job opportunities today for nurses who want to work from home,” says Michele George, MBA, BSN, RN, National Director of the Academy of Medical Surgical Nurses. “These kinds of jobs may involve answering calls from patients, or reviewing charts for an insurance company.”

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Telehealth Nurse

What you’d do: Medical facilities across the country are rapidly expanding the use of telemedicine to safely screen and treat patients for coronavirus. Telehealth (or telemedicine) nursing positions have a common theme, says Anne Jessie, DNP, RN, President-Elect of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing. “Assessment and care delivery, requiring registered nurse (RN) licensure, that can be accomplished telephonically or through the use of remote telemonitoring devices,” says Jessie. “RNs use the nursing process, as well as critical thinking and assessment skills, to deliver and coordinate care.” In some cases, nurses can even monitor a patient’s vital signs remotely.

What you’d need: In addition to an RN licensure, most telehealth nursing jobs require at least two or three years of in-person patient care experience. “These positions, like all work-from-home nursing jobs, require the ability to work autonomously and be comfortable with limited face-to-face interactions with management and other members of the clinical team,” says Jessie. In addition, solid communication skills are a must.

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Utilization Review Nurse

What you’d do: Utilization review nurses evaluate patient medical records to ensure that health care services are being used appropriately. Utilization review nurses often work for health insurance companies, but they may also be employed by a hospital or other health care facility.

What you’d need: Most utilization review nurse jobs require a BSN (Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing) and at least a few years of experience in direct patient care. Kathy Jaques, BSN, RN, works primarily from home as a utilization review nurse for a Schenectady, New York non-profit insurance company. 

“A hospital bills for one of our members and I review the medical record using standard criteria to determine if the severity of the medical problem and the intensity of the treatment provided warrant full inpatient payment, as opposed to observation, ER or ambulatory-surgery,” says Jaques. “If the case doesn’t meet criteria, I submit a write-up for the case with my recommendation to our physicians for review.”

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Case Manager

What you’d do: A popular option for many nurses who want to work from home, case managers often work for hospice and home care centers, providing personalized evaluation and treatment plans to patients at home. Case managers can do some of their work over the phone, but typically visit patients in their homes to monitor progress.

What you’d need: Those who want to become case managers usually need a BSN and an RN in the state they wish to work in. Since some of the work may be done over the phone, solid communication skills are a must.

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Nurse Consultant

What you’d do: As is true in other industries, consultancy is all about providing subject matter expertise and advice. In nursing, consultants often work for insurance companies, health care centers, or independently, reviewing medical care plans and providing health and safety consultations.

What you’d need: Nurse consultants need to have their BSN, RN, and at least a few years of experience working as a nurse. There are many types of nurse consultants, each with specific areas of expertise. For instance, there are clinical nurse consultants, child care consultants, occupational health consultants, and many others.

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Nurse Clinician

What you’d do: Freelance or home-based nurse clinicians are often responsible for the education of nursing staff, creating materials to help identify patient-care problems and guidelines on how to evaluate the effectiveness of the approaches. This type of work is open to different specializations, such as cardiological nurse units or intensive care.

What you’d need: Along with your RN degree, you’ll need leadership, teaching, and critical thinking skills, as well as a thorough knowledge of your speciality. Because you’ll be creating instructional material for other nurses, experience working as a nurse is critical to landing the job.

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Nurse Evaluator

What you’d do: Whether they’re applying for nursing assistant positions or registered nurse positions, nurse evaluators review the skills and experience of applicants to make recommendations on admittance to nurse-training programs across the country. In a different capacity, some nurse evaluators provide in-home client assessments, reviewing patients’ medical histories and developing personalized care plans.

What you’d need: At least a few years of registered nurse experience along with current state licensure and a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) are required to become an evaluator.

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