See what these students did to try to get an internship at ad agency Droga5

How far would you go to get a job? Check out this wildly creative scheme—plus 10 other advertising internships that you can apply for much more easily.

If you’re a college student, you’ve reached the point in the semester that can only be described as “stressed AF.” Spring break is over, finals are coming up, and the clock is ticking to land a job or internship by summer.

When you find yourself under the gun like this, sometimes you go to extremes. Like, extreme extremes. Like, say, stalk potential employers on social media and create videos about them.

Ben Brown and Jackie Moran, two Miami Ad School students, did just that in the hopes of scoring an internship at Droga5.

The two zeroed in on the ad agency’s creative coordinator Chloe Harlig (who is also responsible for hiring interns) by creating 30-second videos about her Twitter musings on brunch potatoes, Beyoncé, and the Rockettes wearing Yeezys. Check out this example of their work, which we're sure you'll find as hilarious as we did.

You can see their other "applications" at the bottom of the article.

While Brown and Moran certainly aren’t the first job seekers to do something so off-the-wall in the hopes of getting a recruiter’s attention, we were totally impressed by their strategy. In fact, we often say that after applying online—that’s our meat and (brunch) potatoes, after all—you should take some further steps to get yourself noticed.

Whether Brown’s and Moran’s approach is flattering or borderline creepy is for Harling to decide—although, she did schedule a Skype interview with the creative duo.

After watching the videos (check them out for yourself below), we’re pulling hard for these two to get their dream internship. But in the off-chance Droga5 doesn’t come through, Monster has plenty of other copywriting internships at creative powerhouse companies that Brown, Moran, and any other future Mad Men might be interested in.

  1. Edelman

    Location: San Francisco

  2. R/GA

    Location: Los Angeles

  3. Fresh Digital Group

    Location: New York City

  4. Huge Inc.

    Location: Detroit

  5. Disney

    Location: Glendale, California

  6. AEG Live

    Location: Boulder, Colorado

  7. CBS Corporation

    Location: New York City

  8. Calvin Klein

    Location: New York City

  9. Adidas Group

    Location: New York City

  10. Kendo Holdings

    Location: San Francisco