The Monster and 2020 best companies for veterans

The sixth annual list features leaders in IT, defense, and health care.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent economic uncertainty has had a tremendous impact on hiring and recruiting strategies across all industries. However, veteran hiring has continued to remain an essential part of many companies' overall hiring plans despite the shifting jobs market. It has become a crucial part of those goals in light of a renewed interest in diversity and inclusion hiring.  

Veterans make up a diverse workforce, offering a unique level of training and skill sets that prepare them well for what we call "the new normal." Employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate agility, teamwork, leadership, and dedication, even when faced with an unprecedented level of ambiguity. 

Monster's research has shown that veterans are looking for opportunities to develop their skills further and demonstrate their unique abilities. They focus on employers with a demonstrated track record of military hiring, HR teams dedicated to recruiting veterans, and onboarding processes that consider the often difficult task of transitioning to civilian jobs. 

For the past six years, Monster and have compiled the Best Companies for Veterans list, honoring companies that excel at recruiting, onboarding, and retaining veteran and military candidates. As a result of recent social change and job market fluctuations, hiring a diverse workforce has gained new significance. The companies on this year's list all stand out for focusing on veterans and military spouses as part of their diversity hiring efforts.

The list below includes 10 companies spanning information technology (IT), health care, and defense, featuring three small-to-medium-sized companies and two veteran-owned companies. All of the companies consider veteran hiring part of their overall diversity and inclusion strategy, 70% have teams dedicated to veteran hiring, and 90% have not altered their veteran hiring plans, even if they have had to change their overall hiring strategies in response to the pandemic. 

Additionally, we've included a list of 11 other companies that we believe have strong veteran hiring and recruitment programs and are some of the top companies to watch as they develop and strengthen those plans. See if any of these companies are the right fit for you. 

1. DynCorp International LLC

This is the second year in a row that this veteran-owned defense industry stalwart tops the list. 

What the company does: DynCorp is a global provider of aviation, logistics, training, intelligence, and operational solutions for commercial, government, and military customers. 

Industry: Defense

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 72%

What we liked: DynCorp is one of two veteran-owned businesses to make this year’s list. While its rate of veteran hiring this year has put the firm at the top of the list, its retention rate of 84% of last year’s hires is what makes the company really stand out. This level of commitment is evidenced in DynCorp’s goal of improving hiring another 20% and increasing military spouse employment by 7%. 

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2. Intelligent Waves

What the company does: Intelligent Waves is a veteran-owned small business (fewer than 500 employees) specializing in IT and communications support for a variety of U.S. government customers. 

Industry: Information technology

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 49%

What we like: With veterans in many leadership roles, Intelligent Waves understands the value veterans and military spouses add to the company. It offers a full spectrum of tools for recruiting, onboarding, and retaining veterans, including its Admin to Engineer (A2E) program, which provides employees all the certifications necessary to work as engineers on the company’s Engineering Services (ES) Team or in the Professional Services (PS) department. 

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3. American Systems

What the company does: One of the largest employee-owned companies in the United States, American Systems is a government services contractor focused on delivering strategic IT and engineering solutions to complex national priority programs.

Industry: Information technology and consulting

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 47%

What we like: American Systems excels at accepting military training in place of civilian credentials, and makes it explicit by including language such as “will accept technical certification credit for military experience, where possible” on job postings. For government clients that may require certain certifications without substitution, the company will pay for workers to become certified, and even offers onsite classroom training.

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4. ManTech International

What the company does: ManTech provides cybersecurity, data collection and analysis, enterprise IT, and systems and software engineering for government and military clients.

Industry: Information technology

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 45%

What we like: ManTech makes it clear how important veterans are to its mission and business success. To fulfill that, the company has a team of more than 10 members dedicated to veteran recruitment. ManTech also offers a Military Resource Group, which works directly with recruiters to develop and maintain relationships with veteran candidates throughout the hiring process. Additionally, the company has a Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) that works with small businesses to help recruit military spouses. 

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5. CACI International Inc.

What the company does: CACI provides expertise and technology to enterprise and mission customers in support of national security missions and government transformation for defense, intelligence, and civilian customers.

Industry: Information technology

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 37%

What we like: CACI’s onboarding process includes a Veterans Employee Resource Group (headed by the company’s vice president of veterans and military affairs), a transition mentor for recently separated veteran new hires, and professional development, training, and certification through CACI Virtual University. In some cases, training can be completed before a candidate’s separation. As well, CACI partners with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, Blue Star Families, and other partners as part of a veteran and military spouse outreach program, with particular attention paid to career opportunities located on or near military bases that do not require security clearances. 

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6. MSA Security

What the company does: MSA Security provides security, intelligence, training, and investigative services in order to protect personnel, property, and peace of mind.

Industry: Security and investigations

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 30%

What we like: One-fifth of the leadership team at MSA is made up of veterans, so the value of hiring military families and veterans is part of the overall hiring mission. The company is focusing on expanding its 2021 recruitment efforts to increase military spouse hiring in addition to maintaining a 55% retention rate for military hires. 

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7. BAE Systems, Inc.

What the company does: BAE Systems provides technology-led defense, aerospace, and security solutions to deliver military capability, protect national security and people, and keep critical information and infrastructures secure.

Industry: Defense

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 27%

What we like: BAE is well positioned to attract and retain (70% retention rate) veterans through its team of recruiters dedicated to veteran hiring, educating hiring managers on the value of veteran hiring as well as recommending veteran candidates for open positions. The company plans to hire more than 1,000 veterans in 2021. 

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8. PRISM Inc.

What the company does: PRISM provides technology, cybersecurity, and IT enterprise solutions to public and private companies.

Industry: Information technology

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 26%

What we like: For a small business of fewer than 250 employees, PRISM stands out with a team of recruiters dedicated to veteran hiring headed by a recruiting director, who is a military spouse. Not only does the company have a goal of hiring veterans (increasing to 30% in 2021) and military spouses (a 5% target for next year), but considers it its duty to ensure career development and growth for its employees. This is achieved through coaching, skills development, and financial support for higher education and certification programs. 

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9. IntelliDyne, LLC

What the company does: IntelliDyne develops and executes effective solutions in EIM, analytics, cybersecurity and information assurance, application development, and cloud computing.

Industry: Information technology

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 24%

What we like: The third small business (fewer than 250 employees) to make the list this year, IntelliDyne has a team of recruiters composed of veterans dedicated to veteran and military-family hiring. Getting buy-in from the executive team on veteran hiring strategies is made easier by having a COO who is a retired Army veteran. The company is planning a 20% increase in veteran hiring for 2021. 

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10. Cognosante

What the company does: Cognosante is a leading provider of health IT solutions, business process outsourcing services, and consulting. 

Industry: Health IT

Percentage of 2020 hires who are veterans: 21%

What we like: The only health care-related company on the list, Cognosante is dedicated to working on behalf of veterans, a community facing complex health care needs and barriers, and helping the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) become more efficient and responsive to provide the health care veterans have earned and deserve. The company has planned to increase its share of veterans to 30% of its total workforce in 2021. 

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11 companies to watch

Capital One Financial Corporation

Industry: Finance 

2021 hiring plans: To increase veteran hiring to 7.5% of all hires. 

Combined Insurance, a Chubb Company

Industry: Insurance 

2021 hiring plans: To hire 500 veterans, military spouses, and military family members. 

Dominion Energy, Inc.

Industry: Utilities

2021 hiring plans: Over the past nine years, one in five hires at Dominion Energy has been a veteran. Its 2021 goals are to sustain this success in light of the impact of the pandemic. 


Industry: Finance 

2021 hiring plans: To maximize current partnerships and expand to others that can help increase military-affiliated hires, and to continue to encourage existing employees to self-identify to enable better resource allocation and accurate accounting of military-affiliated employees.

General Dynamics - Bath Iron Works

Industry: Shipbuilding

2021 hiring plans: To maintain approximately 10% of all hires to be veterans or military spouses.


Industry: Management consulting

2021 hiring plans: LMI has expanded its Veteran Outreach and hiring programs over the past two years and plans to increase its overall outreach efforts, including military spouses. 

PenFed Credit Union

Industry: Finance 

2021 hiring plans: That 15% of new hires be veterans, military spouses, members of the Guard and Reserves, or military family members. 

Ryder System, Inc.

Industry: Trucking 

2021 hiring plans: Since the start of Ryder’s veteran hiring initiative in 2011, the company has hired more than 8,500 veterans and plans to continue to expand on that with an additional 1,200 in 2020.


Industry: Transportation and logistics

2021 hiring plans: To continue to actively recruit former military members and maintain over 20% veteran representation in its workforce.

Union Pacific

Industry: Transportation/Railroads

2021 hiring plans: To increase veteran hiring to 26% of all hires in 2021. 

XPO Logistics, Inc.

Industry: Logistics

2021 hiring plans: To have nearly 6% of all hires be veterans.

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Monster and identified companies we thought were standouts for their veteran hiring and retention programs. We then reached out to each company for the following information: what percentage of the company’s 2020 hires, year to date, were veterans; what percentage of the total workforce is veterans; what percentage of the total workforce is military spouses; what the retention rate was for 2019 hires; what 2021 recruitment plans it had for veterans; whether it has a dedicated veteran-recruitment team and if any of that team are veterans; what kind of special programs it offers for onboarding, development, and retention; whether they accepted military training in place of civilian credentials; and if the company’s leadership is updated on the value of hiring veterans, military culture, and veteran’s issues. This year, we also asked if its hiring plans were impacted by the pandemic and if that also impacted its veteran hiring plans. We ranked first on 2020 hires, then on total workforce, and finally used the other data points to inform the final rankings.