10 companies that will pay 100% of your health insurance premiums

With health care costs continuing to rise, this perk can be very, very, very valuable.

10 companies that will pay 100% of your health insurance premiums

When it comes to employee benefits, today’s companies are offering everything from fully stocked office kitchens to video game consoles in the break room to telecommuting options. And yet, all those new-fangled bells and whistles aren’t detracting from the allure of good old-fashioned health benefits. Health care/medical benefits is the No. 2 benefit U.S. employees rated as “very important to their job satisfaction” (62%), according to a recent study from the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)—the top spot went to paid time off, which ranked just one single percentage point higher at 63%.

With the majority of U.S. organizations offering some type of health care plan (96%, according to the SHRM study) to employees, a few stand out—they really, really stand out. How? By paying 100% of their employees’ medical premiums. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Monster found 10 such companies that are hiring now.


What they do: Design and manufacture orthopedic surgical devices
What they offer: Arthrex pays 100% of employee coverage and 50% of spouse and dependent coverage, and offers insurance to part-time staff.
Locations hiring: Multiple locations nationwide, but mostly Florida

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

What they do: Aim to improve global health care and reduce poverty
What they offer: The foundation offers medical, vision and dental for employees, their spouses or domestic partners and dependent children. Premiums for all are fully paid through the foundation.
Locations hiring: Seattle

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Boston Consulting Group

What they do: Provide management consulting services for private, public and nonprofit organizations
What they offer: Boston Consulting Group pays 100% of employee and spouse health premiums. Part-timers are offered benefits also, as long as they work 20 hours per week.
Locations hiring: Multiple, nationwide

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What they do: Create financial analytics software for use by investment professionals
What they offer: FactSet offers a “no contribution plan” that covers 100% of employee-only premiums. Employees are only responsible for their deductible. Certain plans offer 100% paid premiums for qualified spouses and dependents, and insurance is available to employees working at least 30 hours each week.
Locations hiring: Connecticut and New York

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What they do: Provide internet domains and web services
What they offer: GoDaddy pays 100% of employee premiums and 50% for spouses, domestic partners and dependents. Part-time employees and their spouses, partners and dependents are also eligible for benefits.
Locations hiring: Arizona and Iowa

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Haver & Boecker

What they do: Manufacture technologies for processing, storing, handling, mixing, packing, filling, palletizing and loading dry and liquid products
What they offer: Haver & Boecker offers 100% paid medical, vision and dental for full-time employees. Spouses and dependents are covered at a reduced rate.
Locations hiring: Georgia

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What they do: Offer an enterprise health benefits platform that enables employers to reduce health care spending by offering more tailored benefits
What they offer: Jiff pays 100% of medical and dental premiums for full-time employees and their spouses and dependents.
Locations hiring: California and Oregon

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Kimley-Horn and Associates

What they do: Provide design consulting for everything from roadways and bridges to water/sewer systems and airports
What they offer: Kimley-Horn offers 100% coverage for full-time employees; spouse and dependent coverage is offered at a reduced rate; and benefits are available to part-time employees working at least 30 hours per week.
Locations hiring: Multiple, nationwide

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Pacific Air Systems

What they do: Provide residential heating and air conditioning
What they offer: Pacific Air Systems offers 100% paid premiums for medical, dental and vision insurance for full-time employees.
Locations hiring: Washington

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What they do: Create online, industry-specific newsletters
What they offer: SmartBrief offers a 100% paid employee premium for its HMO. If the employee elects a more expensive plan, the amount of the HMO subsidy is applied to this plan as well.
Locations hiring: Washington, D.C.

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