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Ask Vicki: How do you get interviewed for "workplace cultural fit"?

In this answer on Quora, Monster career expert Vicki Salemi explains how to make sure your values and mindset shine through in your interview answers.

Ask Vicki: How do you get interviewed for "workplace cultural fit"?

Vicki Salemi

Each week, Monster’s career expert Vicki Salemi—a former recruiter who utilizes 15-plus years of experience in recruiting and human resources to empower job seekers—answers user questions on Quora. We’ll be republishing the answers here. If you have a question for Vicki, send it to

Vicki Salemi

Q. How do you get interviewed for "workplace cultural fit"?

A. Let's work backward. Before you’re interviewed, you need to decide if the company is a good cultural fit for you. Look on the company website and social media pages, and read employee reviews to learn the company mission and values. Then ask yourself if those values align to your own.

Once you assess if they’re a fit for you, it’s not like you need to prove anything during the interview. All you need to do is express you’re in alignment with the company's culture and values by providing examples that demonstrate how your attitude and mindset make you a good fit to work there.

For example, if the culture is “work hard, play hard,” you can mention an example in your current or recent roles when you worked hard on an initiative and then celebrated among teammates.

Show you’ve done your homework and understand their workplace culture. You can get an even better understanding of it during the interview through observations and asking questions. Sometimes the culture-fit interview just boils down to whether you got along with your interviewers and whether they found you personable and likable. 

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