Top 10 customer service skills you need for success

You are not an automated help center or chatbot. This is what you need to deliver customer satisfaction.

Top 10 customer service skills you need for success

Show off your top-notch customer service skills.

The boom in e-commerce has created an increased need for customer service representatives. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to display the kinds of customer service skills that employers are looking for.

As far as consumers are concerned, customer service can make or break their buying experience. Consider: 76% of consumers surveyed by Aspect Software, a contact center solutions firm, said they view customer service as a “true test” of how much a company values them.

Take a look at the customer service representative jobs on Monster and you’ll see a number of requirements repeated from one post to another. These are the top skills you need to shine as a customer service professional.

Great listening skills

What does customer service mean to you? The ability to listen to others tops the list of requirements for this job. Ensure callers/people IMing you that you understand their needs and concerns and that you will do everything you can to resolve their problem.

Focus on improving your active listening—the practice of absorbing, comprehending, responding, and retaining what is being said. For in-store customer service workers, this requires being able to read a customer’s body language when interacting with people face to face. Call center workers, on the other hand, have to be adept at gleaning information from a person’s tone of voice, since they lack visual cues.


One of the main reasons why customers contact a company’s customer service center is because they have a problem; for example, someone may have purchased a product that has defects, or they received subpar service. Therefore, customer service agents must be able to troubleshoot issues, think on their feet, and execute solutions in a timely fashion.

A positive attitude

No one said a customer service professional’s job is a walk in the park. Remember: it’s your job to deal with unhappy and, in some cases, irate customers, which is why you need to bring a positive mindset to work every day.

Clear communication

Customer service agents are great communicators. They can provide clear information in writing, by phone, or in person, and they’re able to ask customers questions that help them effectively get to the root of the issue.

Emotional intelligence

Among the most valuable of customer service skills is the ability to differentiate yourself from a robot. Emotional intelligence (or “EQ”) is a combination of self-awareness and the ability to manage your emotions with maturity. It’s must for when interacting with dissatisfied customers. You must be patient and empathetic and make a concerted effort to understand a customer’s point of view and share in their plight.

Time management

When it comes to measuring a customer service agent’s productivity, managers often look at how many customers they serve a day—meaning you need to know how to use your time wisely and resolve customer issues as efficiently as possible.


Customer service agents don’t just interact with customers who have problems—many also talk to potential customers who have questions about their company’s product or service. This is where persuasion come into play. The best customer service agents know how to convert queries into sales, improving their company’s bottom line.

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