Dos and Don'ts of Big Four Interviews

Dos and Don'ts of Big Four Interviews

Whether you’re about to graduate or can call yourself an experienced CPA, follow these tips to avoid common mistakes during the Big Four interview process.


  • Say only positive things about accounting.
  • Know the differences between Big Four companies, and be ready to explain to each why it is the perfect employer for you.
  • Think before you speak, and never curse.
  • Talk about 80 percent of the time in an on-campus interview.
  • If you're a foreign student, consider Ernst & Young. It hires candidates that need sponsorship.
  • Send a written thank-you letter to everyone who interviews you.


  • Show up in sneakers.
  • Treat communications with the firm casually. Your emails and voice mails will be scrutinized.
  • Let your guard down during the lunch or dinner portion of the interview. Order something you can eat without spilling.
  • Talk more than 50 percent of the time during an in-office interview.