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Ask Vicki: What does executive coaching involve?

In this answer on Quora, Monster career expert Vicki Salemi explains the ways executive coaches help managers and high-level employees up their games.

Ask Vicki: What does executive coaching involve?

Each week, Monster’s career expert Vicki Salemi—a former recruiter who utilizes 15-plus years of experience in recruiting and human resources to empower job seekers—answers user questions on Quora. We’ll be republishing the answers here. If you have a question for Vicki, send it to

Vicki Salemi

Q. What does executive coaching involve?

A. Executive coaching entails a few different services, depending on the coach. Unlike career coaching, which is focused on helping a person land a job, executive coaching centers on personal branding, behavioral style assessments, on-site observations, and more. It’s typically for management and high-level employees.

Executive coaches commonly rely on career assessment tools, observation, and their acumen to identify their client’s management style, leadership ability, and ability to fit in with the corporate culture. They work on interpersonal effectiveness and detect technical development needs.

Once the client’s professional goals have been established and the assessment stage has been completed, an executive coach usually develops an action plan to help their client achieve success.

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