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How to channel your inner Boss B*tch

How to channel your inner Boss B*tch

What does it mean to be a “boss bitch?”

You don’t have to be a boss—or a bitch.

It’s about totally owning your confidence and ambition, according to best-selling author Nicole Lapin. Lapin was CNN’s youngest ever anchor and Redbook’s first female financial expert. In her new book, Boss Bitch, she shares empowering advice for women—with no BS and absolutely no apologies. Get ready to hear some frank talk from someone who’s climbed to the top in less than a decade and wants to help other women get there too. 

Our second guest will help us to shift gears and re-focus our minds in a calmer place. Relaxation expert Darrin Zeer shares four breathing and mindfulness exercises you can use before an interview—or anytime you need to calm your mind.  


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