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Star Status: How To Impress Leadership on a Project

Setting yourself up with a successful project timeline will help overcome roadblocks while impressing your supervisor

Star Status: How To Impress Leadership on a Project

Completing on a huge project at work takes lots of hours, work and planning from the project team. Whether you are working on a large team or are working with one or two other people there are many aspects to a project that need to be covered and presented to the leadership of your organization.

From organization to presentation and creating check-ins so that everyone feels involved, these tips will set you up for a successful project timeline and make it easier to knock down and work through inevitable roadblocks.

Set up individual work plans that fall into a master project plan

We all know that the most important step to creating a successful project is to have a well-thought-out plan. These work plans don’t just have to be word documents with lists of tasks on them. There are many options to create dynamic and engaging timelines for your project. A well-done, fleshed out excel spreadsheet is super impressive and is a great way to outline the status of every aspect of your project.

Boost moral with an efficient kickoff meeting

If your project involves your whole staff or an entire department, then having a kickoff meeting with the whole team is a great idea to gain moral behind your project and get buy-in from leadership. Make this meeting short and effective, requiring everyone’s undivided attention so they make it a priority. Going into this meeting with a very well-laid-out plan with tasks delegated specifically and easy to understand visuals will really impress your leadership and make it more difficult for them to pick the project apart.

One of the greatest things I have learned from my co-workers is that the better prepared you are for a meeting and the more work you have done to get to the place you are, the less likely leadership is to question what you have done. This is a great opportunity to show your management skills and ability to work as a successful team. 

Show it off, visually

Visuals are the best way to show that you have gone above and beyond to set up your project. Setting up a timeline in a word document or in an excel spreadsheet can be helpful but setting up an interactive timeline through PowerPoint or another graphics creator shows how much work you have put into the creation of your project. It also helps the more visual learners on your team see where the project is going. Create a timeline that graphically represents all the phases of the project and then animate it to reflect all of the people that were responsible for each step. This makes the timeline engaging and easy to understand for everyone in the room.

Taking pride in presenting your project will show that you truly care about your work and will impress your leadership. Having your leadership on board is vital to the success of your project so the more you impress the better off you will be.

Create checkpoints and check in

I’ve found that the best way to not end up with a large leadership roadblock at the end of a project is to outline everyone’s involvement from the beginning and consistently remind people where their checkpoints are. This can be achieved by bringing up the project timeline at the beginning of every checkpoint meeting to show where you are and where you are going.

Hear everyone out

If it’s the last time the whole group will see content before it goes live it is important to reinforce “speak now or forever hold your peace.” The last thing you want is someone on the leadership team coming to you at the end of your project feeling that they were not involved as much as they should have been. 

This sets you up for success because you have outlined the expectations from the beginning and have a document to refer back to constantly.

Impressing the leadership of your organization can be stressful and nerve-racking but the more work you put into planning your projects the better you will look.

Monster Wants to Know: How have you impressed leadership on a project? Share with us in the comment section.

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