15 companies with great paternity leave policies

These employers recognize new dads have a more important job than the one at the office.

15 companies with great paternity leave policies

Paternity leave is increasing in popularity.

Attention fathers and fathers-to-be: Are you looking for a job that offers you more time off to welcome a new member of your family? You're not alone. The Society of Human Resource Management Employee Benefits Report 2019 says paternity leave has seen a steady increase over the past five years. While use of maternity leave has leveled off in the past two decades, the rate of fathers taking paternity leave has tripled, according to a study from Ohio State University.

Obviously, there's a growing desire for paternity leave, and yet the U.S. overall is woefully lacking overall in mandated time off for new parents. Data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) found the U.S. in last place among 41 countries for parental leave laws as of 2018. And according to a 2019 survey by Quill, only 21.6% of 2,790 respondents said their employer offers new parent leave for childbirth or adoption. 

What is paternity leave?

Paternity leave is basically the "dad version" of maternity leave. It's a period of time off from work that a father gets in order to care for a newborn.

How long is paternity leave?

The length of time of paternity leave is determined by a company. Four to six weeks is the most common length of paid maternity leave, according to the Quill survey, although some companies offer fewer than two weeks and some offer more than eight weeks.

Is paternity leave paid?

Great question. Quill reported that half of the respondents are paid 100% of their salaries during paternity leave. Many respondents said their companies offered them extended paid leave for certain instances, including C-section delivery, premature birth, or the birth of multiple children at once. 

Corporate America is taking notice that dads want more baby-bonding time and are now actively touting their paternity leave policies to prospective hires. If you’re considering a new addition soon (not to mention a new job), Monster rounded up 15 companies that have great paternity leave policies.

Bank of America

What they do: Bank of America is one of the world's leading financial institutions, serving individual consumers, small and middle-market businesses, and large corporations.

Number of employees: Over 200,000

What they offer: New dads can take up to 16 weeks of paid time off. The leave can be taken when it’s best for the employee’s family, including up to three separate periods within 12 months after the baby arrives.

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What they do: Bloomberg is a financial software, data and media company.

Number of employees: 19,000

What they offer: If a new dad will be the primary caregiver, he’s eligible for 18 weeks of paid time off. If he’s the secondary caregiver, he gets four weeks for welcoming a new child through birth, adoption or foster care.

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CA Technologies

What they do: CA Technologies is a software company that specializes in business-to-business mainframe, distributed computing and cloud computing.

Number of employees: 10,800

What they offer: New dads receive up to 12 weeks of fully paid leave, followed by an automatic two-week phase-back—working 50% of their schedule in the first week back and 75% in the second week—all at full pay.

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What they do: Coca-Cola is a global soft drink and beverage company.

Number of employees: Over 123,000

What they offer: All new dads in non-collective-bargaining positions in the U.S. receive six weeks of paid leave when welcoming a child through birth, adoption or foster care.

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What they do: Facebook is the globe’s largest online social network.

Number of employees: 17,048

What they offer: New dads get four months of paid leave, which can be taken in any increments during the first year of the child’s life or following an adoption.

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Fannie Mae

What they do: Fannie Mae provides financial products and services that increase the availability and affordability of housing for low-, moderate- and middle-income families.

Number of employees: 7,000

What they offer: New dads at Fannie Mae get four weeks of paid time off.

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What they do: Genentech is a biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines to treat patients with serious or life-threatening medical conditions.

Number of employees: 15,000

What they offer: New dads get eight weeks of paid paternity leave.

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Johnson & Johnson

What they do: Johnson & Johnson is a multinational maker of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods.

Number of employees: 127,000

What they offer: Dads at Johnson & Johnson receive eight weeks of paid paternity leave and can use an additional optional week of personal time, for a total of nine weeks.

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Levi Strauss & Co.

What they do: Levi Strauss & Co. is one of the world’s largest apparel companies, specializing in jeanswear.

Number of employees: 12,500

What they offer: All salaried and hourly U.S. employees with benefits, are eligible for up to eight weeks of paid time off when welcoming a new addition through birth, adoption or foster care.

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McKinsey & Co.

What they do: McKinsey & Co. is a worldwide management consulting company.

Number of employees: Over 20,000

What they offer: New dads at McKinsey receive eight weeks of paid leave.

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What they do: Netflix is a multinational media company specializing in streaming video on demand and DVD rental by mail.

Number of employees: 2,750

What they offer: Salaried employees on the streaming-video side of the business are offered up to one year of paid parental leave.

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What they do: Patagonia is an apparel company that specializes in sustainable outdoor clothing.

Number of employees: 2,000

What they offer: New dads at Patagonia receive 12 weeks of paid time off.

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What they do: SAP is a multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.

Number of employees: 84,000

What they offer: New fathers at SAP get six weeks of time off, fully paid.

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State Street

What they do: State Street is a global financial services holding company.

Number of employees: 32,000

What they offer: State Street offers dads eight weeks of fully paid paternity leave to welcome a child through birth, adoption or foster care.

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WellStar Health System

What they do: WellStar is a nonprofit Georgia-based organization dedicated to providing world-class health care.

Number of employees: 20,000

What they offer: WellStar provides leave based on a dad’s full-time or part-time status. Full-time employees receive 120 hours of paid leave, about three weeks. Part-time staff members receive 60 hours of paid leave. WellStar employees can also extend their paternity leave with up to 33 additional weeks of unpaid leave while protecting their job.

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