Get a whiff of these great pot jobs

As we pass another 4/20, we highlight budding opportunities in the legal marijuana industry.

Get a whiff of these great pot jobs

In light of yet another 4/20, the official holiday of marijuana-lovers around the world, when a fragrant cloud of pot smoke envelopes the land (or at least the nearest college campus). Here at Monster, though, we’d rather take a moment to reflect on the very real growth of the legal marijuana industry—a budding field that will reportedly create a more than a quarter of a million jobs by 2020, according to New Frontier Data.

The statistics suggest that success of legalization and decriminalization initiatives has been jointly positive for both job seekers and the economy as a whole, with the legal cannabis market worth an estimated $7.2 billion in 2016. It's projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 17%. 

But despite growing acceptance, legalization has still found blunt opposition from both political and commercial corners; the alcohol and beer industries have chronically lobbied to keep marijuana illegal, for fear of new competition taking their business into the weeds.

But even if many of the broader issues are still being hashed out, job seekers in 4/20-friendly states are free to explore the wide range of marijuana jobs available. A quick search on Monster returns openings for everything from budtenders to bookkeepers, suggesting they're a hot box to fill for employers as well as job seekers eager to go where the grass is greener.

Have we sparked your interest? Here’s a partial list of the hundreds of marijuana-related jobs available on Monster right now, so fire up your cover letters and make sure you give your resume a little THC…er, you know what we mean.

Budtender at Green Dragon

Retail manager: cannabis dispensary

Operations manager: legal cannabis industry from CyberCoders

Marijuana doctor

Cannabis farm associate

Head construction manager at Grow Contractors

Sales manager: B2B cannabis SaaS

Account executive

Bookkeeper at Palomar Craft Cannabis

Retail store manager at LivWell Enlightened Health

Dispensary assistant manager

Pharmacist/general manager at PharmaCannis

Greenhouse technician at PharmaCannis


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