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Manage Your Mobile Office

Manage Your Mobile Office

If you spend much of your workday on the road, keeping your mobile office up and running is undoubtedly one of your biggest challenges. The key to managing a mobile office is equipping yourself with software and services that can help you handle email and voicemail, access your computer files and otherwise ensure you stay on top of your work as you move from one location to another.

Here are some to consider:


Too many phone lines? Join the club. Mobile professionals must often juggle office land lines and cell phones with personal phone numbers. With GrandCentral, you get one phone number to help you manage all your voice communications. By controlling the service via the Web, you can direct your phone calls to one line or another. For instance, you can have calls from your boss go straight to your cell, and you can send calls from your in-laws to voicemail or your home number. Other features include the ability to record your phone conversations, access your voicemail via email and customize voicemail greetings for specific groups of people.

Remote Access

With remote access software, such as GoToMyPC, Laplink and WebEx PCNow, you can access your office computer from the road -- often a requirement for business professionals who have files spread across desktop PCs, laptops and handheld devices.

PC Support

You never know when your PC is going to be troubled by viruses, spyware or hard-drive woes. To cut the amount of time you waste with a nonfunctioning PC, sign up for an online PC repair service, such as PlumChoice, where experts use remote-control software to take control of your computer and repair any problems.

Information Organizer

Anyone doing business on the road needs easy access to important information. The Web-based Backpack service lets you keep track of your to-do lists, notes, files and calendars. A “reminders” function lets you send notes to your email account or cell phone to ensure you don’t forget an important birthday or appointment.

Online Bookmarks

You are your bookmarks. Well, that may be an overstatement, but given the importance of Web-based research and resources, you’ll want access to your bookmarks no matter where you are. The Web site, a social bookmarks manager, lets you store your bookmarks online and access them from anywhere.


Need to get faxes on the road? With jConnect, you can easily receive faxes via email. Your clients may not even realize you’re on the road rather than in the office.

Backup Batteries

Batteries don’t last forever. When you’re mobile, you can’t afford to be powerless. That goes for your laptop, PDA and even your iPod. Cellboost disposable batteries will ensure you won’t have to cope with techno-gadgets with dead batteries.


Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you don’t need to attend -- or even organize -- meetings with your colleagues and clients. In fact, you may be able to gain an edge, and avoid falling behind, if you can keep to your meeting schedule from your mobile office. With GoToMeeting, you can schedule real-time presentations and perform live demos with as many as 10 attendees.

Family Connections

You need to stay in touch with your colleagues, of course, but what about your family? With Cozi Central, you have easy access to a free online family calendar, shopping lists and reminders. You may be thousands of miles away, but you still need to coordinate your schedule with your spouse and kids. When you’re on the road, Cozi can help you keep your work/family juggling act from flying out of control.

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