Monster's guide to office romances

Someone at work catches your eye. You want to go for it, but you’re afraid of the consequences. Should you be? This advice may help you decide.

Monster's guide to office romances

An office romance (not to be confused with the strictly-platonic work spouse) can be the start of a beautiful relationship or a recipe for disaster. No matter how mature you are, when emotion is involved, good judgment can go out the window. To further complicate matters, the fact is that office romances can work under the right circumstances.

So should you give Jamie from accounting your number—see what we did there?—or is that among the most terrible ideas you've ever had? Then again, what if you click? 

Let's say you do, in fact, click and Cupid's arrow hits both of you squarely between the eyes. Ask yourself point blank: Do you really want to mix love with the cold realities of business? The workplace can be a harried, demanding environment—not exactly hospitable to two people trying to establish and maintain a romantic bond and healthy sex life. And what happens if and when the relationship ends? Will you need to find a new job?

There are so many variables that come into play when considering dating at work. Let these articles guide you through what’s acceptable when it comes to everything from fledgling flirtations to lifelong partnerships.

Danger: Office romance ahead: If you’re thinking of combining love and work into an office affair, heed these warnings first. Aside from matters of the heart, there are matters of the law you need to consider.

How to stay professional while having an office romance: It is possible to have a relationship with a co-worker without turning into a giggling, starry-eyed teenager. Your job needs to stay top of mind, no matter how tempted you are to waste the day away gazing at your love interest from your cubicle.

The right way to have friendships at work: Found someone you would like to get to know better? Great! But before you start becoming close, it’s important to remember that work relationships come with conditions—and need to be treated with more discretion than non-work relationships.

How to get co-workers to like you: If you're hoping to get noticed by a certain someone at your job, there are a few strategic moves that could work in your favor. They take effort, especially if you find yourself in the kind of workplace culture where there isn’t a lot of bonding. But your job satisfaction just might reach new heights as a result.

Reignite your passion for work: Okay, so this isn't the same thing as falling head over heels for a co-worker, but passion should be part of your day to day experiences. Unfortunately, if you've been at the same job for a number of years, the flame may not be burning as bright as it used to. This is how to get excited about your job all over again.

Cupid for your career

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