Sample Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions and Answers

Examine what questions to expect when you apply for a nurse practitioner position.

Sample Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions and Answers

Answer nurse practitioner interview questions like a pro.

Nurse practitioner jobs are one of the highest-paying jobs in healthcare, and they're slated for tremendous growth. Patients are choosing to see NPs because they're able to get appointments sooner and feel they get more time and personalized attention from NPs than from primary care doctors. Whether you interview for a job as an NP in a hospital, physician's office, or long-term care facility, you'll be asked a series of nurse practitioner interview questions that will cover a wide range of topics to assess your effectiveness and commitment to the job.

Prepare for your NP interview by reading through Monster's list of common nurse practitioner interview questions and answers.

Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

  1. Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse Practitioner?
  2. What Are the Most Challenging Aspects of Being a Nurse Practitioner?
  3. What Do You Do to Ensure a Patient Has an Exceptional Care Experience?
  4. What Would You Do if a Patient Requested Unnecessary Antibiotics?
  5. Tell Me About How You Handled a Clinical Emergency.
  6. How Do You Handle a Difficult Family Member?
  7. Why Would You Be a Good Fit Here?

Question #1: Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse Practitioner?

If you're a new nurse practitioner, interview questions will probably ask about your commitment and motivation. Nurse practitioner skills are vital but being positive and passionate about the profession is what will set you apart from other candidates:

  • Share a story about what led you to nursing.
  • Talk about liking dynamic jobs and a chance to continually learn.
  • Point out your skill at solving complex problems.

How You Could Answer

"I learned about the role of nurse practitioners while I was studying to be a nurse and knew it was what I was looking for. I want to work with a diverse group of patients so I can have a spectrum of experiences every day. I enjoy having ongoing nurse-patient relationships where I can help a patient work through a challenging diagnosis. Working with an established physician and staff gives me opportunities to learn about patient care in an office setting."

Question #2: What Are the Most Challenging Aspects of Being a Nurse Practitioner?

This question is a test of your honesty and whether you understand the realities of this work. Pointed nurse practitioner interview questions about the challenges of the job let the interviewer know how you respond to high levels of stress:

  • Pick a common challenge, and explain how you deal with it.
  • Reinforce that you are comfortable with challenges.

How You Could Answer

"Nurse practitioners face challenges every day. I find it especially challenging to work with patients who ignore sound medical advice to follow something they found on the internet or heard from a coworker. I found that if I continue to provide reliable information from credible sources in a professional and respectful manner, I can often help a patient to understand misinformation so I can provide effective treatment."

Question #3: What Do You Do to Ensure a Patient Has an Exceptional Care Experience?

Patient satisfaction is an important metric used to measure a hospital's level of care. A patient's experience also directly contributes to their health outcomes. Nurse practitioner interview questions about your role in patient satisfaction show whether you will contribute to positive outcomes for both patients and the organization:

  • Demonstrate you have a high standard for patient care.
  • Discuss how you respond to patient needs to ensure a positive experience.

How You Could Answer

"Along with positive outcomes, patient experience is a high priority. While with a patient, I have an ongoing conversation with them, focusing on their comfort and comprehension. I let them know I'm listening to them and their caregivers by providing clear answers to their questions."

Question #4: What Would You Do if a Patient Requested Unnecessary Antibiotics?

Interviewers ask nursing behavioral interview questions to find out how you would handle common situations. This question explores the criteria you use for prescribing medications, how you educate patients, and how you manage conflicts with patients:

  • Assert that you never prescribe unneeded medications.
  • Explain how you address this with the patient.
  • Talk about how you handle the situation if the patient continues to insist.

How You Could Answer

"Before they come into my office, patients see TV ads and listen to friends extolling the use of medications. I take time to explain that antibiotics combat bacterial infections and do not impact viral infections and talk about potential side effects like antibiotic resistance. I respectfully assert those points and explain that I will not prescribe unneeded medications."

Question #5: Tell Me About How You Handled a Clinical Emergency.

Scenario-based NP interview questions also provide you with an opportunity to describe your ability to remain calm under pressure, rely on your training, and work with other caregivers:

  • Describe the emergency.
  • Talk about the importance of composure and building rapport and trust with a team.
  • Wrap up with what you learned from the situation

How You Could Answer

"A patient went into labor while in our office. I examined her and realized she was ready to give birth. I remained calm while we contacted her doctor, prepped an exam room, and make sure she was comfortable. I stayed in the exam room and reassured her she had a team of medical professionals to help her. Her doctor arrived just in time to deliver the baby. That event reinforced the importance of having a supportive team. I would work to build that kind of relationship with the nurses, doctors, and support staff here as soon as I joined your practice."

Questions #6: How Do You Handle a Difficult Family Member?

Approaching nurse practitioner interview questions by telling a story lets the interviewer know how you educate patients, diffuse a heated situation, and use good communication skills to handle this all-too-familiar scenario:

  • Stay positive while answering.
  • Focus on providing the best care despite the challenge.
  • Show that you are compassionate and effective in difficult situations.

How You Could Answer

"I understand why family members are concerned about their loved ones. The patient doesn't always remember the information I've given them or doesn't relay it accurately. The family is worried and feels helpless because they don't understand and can't fix the situation. I take the time to listen and address each of their concerns, providing patient education materials when possible. I let them know my goal is to provide the best care possible. I ask if they have any other questions and invite them to contact me if they do."

Question #7: Why Would You Be a Good Fit Here?

This question reveals if you were enthusiastic enough to research the facility. If you don't think you're a good fit, they probably won't either:

  • Do your research and know about their mission statement, awards they have received, and exemplary programs.
  • Show how you can apply your experience and achievements to the position.
  • Be enthusiastic!

How You Could Answer

"I wanted an opportunity to be considered for this position when I read about your mentorship program and the awards you've received for it. I would like to be part of an organization with that kind of eye toward the future of medicine. The environment here is welcoming and compassionate—two qualities I want to emulate in my practice."

Monster Has the Prescription for a Successful Job Interview

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