What to Expect in an Overseas Relocation Package

What to Expect in an Overseas Relocation Package

What to Expect in an Overseas Relocation Package

Relocating within the US may be a hassle, but it is not nearly as complicated as moving you, your family and maybe even your pets to another country. Companies generally assist you with the transition, especially when it comes to work permits, housing and transporting your belongings. In some cases, your company may hire a relocation services firm to handle those and other details.

Here is what you can expect from a comprehensive relocation package, beyond the obvious airfare and moving expenses: 

  • Housing: Expatriate employees will typically receive assistance in determining an appropriate neighborhood, reviewing homes and apartments, and selecting a place to live. Help with other details such as signing a lease and inspecting a home may also be provided, along with arranging for utilities and phone service. Compensation packages may include a housing allowance, depending on the location and cost of living. Some firms will provide extensive assistance in selling (or renting) an individual's current home, or in terminating a lease, if necessary.
  • Education: Schooling choices for children will be reviewed, from public institutions to international schools. Assistance may include arranging for enrollment.
  • Documentation: A consultant will arrange for necessary visas, work permits and other paperwork related to the move.
  • Finances: Advice will be offered on the country's banking and financial systems, with assistance provided in setting up the appropriate bank accounts.
  • Repatriation: A relocation services firm will provide help as you plan your return to the US. This will include everything from transportation of your belongings to terminating leases, phone service and bank accounts.

Other services may also be included, such as arranging for the transportation of a pet, buying or renting a car, and familiarizing you with medical establishments and public transportation systems.

Before accepting a job abroad, learn as much as possible about the company's relocation package. What services will be provided? Will a relocation services firm be used? Relocation services companies often take care of much of the research and planning that goes into moving, which frees you up to concentrate on the effect the move will have on your career and family.

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