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Six Part-Time Jobs Most Likely to Offer Health Insurance

Six Part-Time Jobs Most Likely to Offer Health Insurance

Part-Time Jobs with Health Benefits

By Elise Oras,

Imagine working a lighter schedule while still receiving employment benefits. This enviable lifestyle can be yours -- and it may even pay off for your employer. 

A Cornell University study showed that extending health insurance to employees can lead to more productive workers.

“The ability to work part time and earn medical benefits allows workers to feel less stressed and more satisfied in their job than their counterparts who don’t earn benefits,” says Katie Bardaro, lead research analyst at online salary database

Most of us know the many advantages of working a part-time job. Working parents can spend more time with their children, college students can pay their tuition and aspiring business owners can earn a steady paycheck while pursuing their passion.

Do you want to join the part-time-worker-with-benefits club? Check out the following part-time jobs that are most likely to offer health insurance.

Registered Nurse
Median Hourly Pay: $27.90

Registered nurses are on the front lines of patient care. They attend to admitted patients and provide emotional support for families. Since hospitals are open 24 hours, nursing schedules are often flexible, but may require working odd hours.

“I love my job,” says Melissa Mitchell, a registered nurse in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “I work two 12-hour days a week, have full benefits and feel like I make a difference every day.”

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Automotive Service Technician/Mechanic
Median Hourly Pay: $18.30

Automotive service technicians inspect and repair motor vehicles. Job duties include everything from changing oil to installing new parts. With advanced technology such an integral part of most vehicles these days, technicians must to be computer-savvy.

“I worked as a mechanic throughout high school and then after college,” says Jon Lanman of Seattle. “It’s a valuable trade, which won’t be losing demand any time soon. If things don’t pan out in my current job [in Web marketing], I can always go back to turning wrenches.”

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Surgical Technologist
Median Hourly Pay: $17.80

Surgical technologists, sometimes referred to as scrub techs, assist surgeons in the operating room. They are often responsible for setting up the operating room for surgery and preparing the patient for surgery. A part-time work schedule can include nonstandard (and inconvenient) hours like holidays and weekends.

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School Bus Driver
Median Hourly Pay: $14

Screaming kids and pressure to keep things running on time could make anyone grumpy. But, a part-time schedule, with two routes in the morning and two in the afternoon, might make this gig worth the trouble. Plus, you can earn extra cash by transporting children to field trips during the day or school sports teams to and from their events after school.

“You are the kids’ first and last point of contact every day,” says Lindsay Murphy, a driver for a suburban Detroit school district. “You get to know them, you get to hear their stories -- and let me tell you, kids really do say the funniest things. In addition, I get the same vacation that they do, including summers off.”

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Certified Pharmacy Technician
Median Hourly Pay: $12

If you don’t have the time or inclination to get a four-year doctorate in pharmacy, you can still enjoy the benefits of this stable industry as a pharmacy tech. A certified pharmacy technician (CPhT) works under a licensed pharmacist to dispense prescriptions. Since many certified pharmacy technicians work in retail stores, the hours are flexible but some weekend work may be required.

“I would advise [pharmacy technicians] to become certified by the state because more opportunities are available for certified technicians,” says Holly Flint, a senior certified pharmacy technician in Ravena, New York.

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Bank Teller
Median Hourly Pay: $10.90

If you like the smell of money and can handle being on your feet all day, a bank teller gig may suit you. You must be quick on your calculator, good with details and able to balance your drawer daily.

“I worked as a teller through college, mostly because they offered insurance and a flexible schedule,” says Jen Summerville of Chicago.

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Source: Salary data provided by All salaries listed are median, hourly salaries for workers with five to eight years of experience. Part time is defined as working fewer than 30 hours a week.

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