Sample Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Outshine other techs with self-assured responses about efficient pharmacy operations, how to properly store medications, and correcting prescription errors.

Sample Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Here's how to answer pharmacy technician interview questions.

A pharmacy needs to run like a well-oiled machine—reinforced by teamwork, precision, and strict adherence to policies and regulations. While pharmacists possess the expertise about the medications themselves, pharmacy technicians are indispensable associates who help with filling prescriptions, maintaining drug inventories, and tabulating patient records. Before you're hired as a pharmacy tech, however, you'll have to successfully complete a round of pharmacy technician interview questions at your job interview.

Have you already polished up your resume? Then you can start sending it out to find a pharmacy technician position. Meanwhile, prepare yourself to respond to interview questions about your interest in working under licensed pharmacists, issues with reading prescriptions, ensuring clear communication, and dealing with confrontational customers. Read through our list of expected pharmacy technician interview questions and answers so that you can rehearse in advance.

Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions

  1. What Makes You Want to Work in a Pharmacy?
  2. What Do You Prioritize to Ensure the Pharmacy Is Operating Efficiently?
  3. What Do You Consider When Storing Medications?
  4. How Do You Handle Demanding Customers?
  5. How Do You Resolve Prescription Errors?
  6. How Do You Coordinate so That Prescriptions Are Filled on Time?

Question #1: What Makes You Want to Work in a Pharmacy?

Employers will want to know what compels you to work in this environment. Do you have certain personality traits that spurred you to work with pharmaceuticals and offer great customer service? Or you can respond by considering what factors led you to become a pharmacy technician. Interview questions such as this one should then take into account:

  • What do you love about pharmacies?
  • Do you have a story that inspired you to join a pharmacy staff?

How You Could Answer

"Growing up, I'd always be curious about what was going behind the scenes—or, really, just beyond the counter—at my local pharmacy. It was a small operation, but the head pharmacist was always busy, so we'd rarely interact with him. The pharmacy techs—usually cheerful and pleasant—would be the ones we'd typically see. My parents would ask them questions and get our prescriptions filled. I recall them always smiling at me (and one would secretly give me candy when my parents weren't looking)."

"When I got older, I became interested in learning about the technical aspects of properly supplying medicine to patients. More so though, I felt like pharmacies are such essential businesses within any community, and it seemed like I'd truly be making an impact by working at one."

Question #2: What Do You Prioritize to Ensure the Pharmacy Is Operating Efficiently?

Pharmacy tech interview questions will want to gauge how you maximize your efficiency and productivity levels while working with a team to dispense prescriptions in a timely manner and make sure the business is operating smoothly. Before responding, think about:

  • How do you go about your main work activities?
  • What do you do to contribute to an overall team effort?

How You Could Answer

"Prior to starting any new job, I think it's important to review and re-review all established procedures so that I can help organize prescriptions awaiting pickup, ensure everything is correctly ordered, and complete my tasks within a streamlined process. I'll answer the phone (or call back patients) to discuss how and when to administer their medications (after consulting with my supervising pharmacist). I'll check our online prescription filling system to receive new orders from patients. And I'll also go over prescription requests and dosages with doctor's offices or hospitals, as needed, to confirm accuracy, as well as financial details with insurance companies to confirm payments."

"Of course, I know that some things happen unexpectedly and can't be systematized. Teamwork is then crucial, so I'll ask other technicians if they need help and offer a lending hand accordingly."

Question #3: What Do You Consider When Storing Medications?

One of your duties as a pharmacy tech will be to assist with medication storage and maintenance, so you'll likely encounter this topic within a set of pharmacy technician interview questions to demonstrate that you're fully aware of the relevant safety and regulatory standards. When answering, make sure you know:

  • What rules should be followed for storing medications?
  • What factors do you take into consideration?

How You Could Answer

"Medications need to be stored away from light—and in a cool, dry place. I'll also consult our databases to review patient and medication information and double-check any unique or specific storage instructions for certain prescriptions. And I always consider sanitary and safety conditions, along with factors related to maintaining potency and purity, so I'll verify that no medications are stored at high temperatures or in wet/humid settings before finishing work for the day."

Question #4: How Do You Handle Demanding Customers?

Pharmacy techs need to have great customer service and people skills. You'll be speaking with patients on a daily basis, and sometimes you may encounter challenges. There could be a customer who's frustrated because you're having trouble reading the doctor's prescription or other ones trying to cut the line because they're in a hurry. Prepare yourself to respond to these pharmacy technician interview questions by mulling over:

  • How do you handle stress?
  • What similar situations have you previously dealt with?

How You Could Answer

"Generally, I try to remain positive throughout the workday—at least in front of customers. If I'm having a really bad day, I'll go to the back to take a breather or I'll ask my supervising pharmacist for a break and go out for a coffee somewhere to regroup."

"In my previous job, I often had to deal with impatient customers. We were understaffed on some days, so I had to put in extra hours, but I always found that communicating calmly and respectfully with customers was most effective. I'd apologize for any delays, and then I'd point out that our goal is always to serve them both accurately and safely."

Question #5: How Do You Resolve Prescription Errors?

Mistakes happen, but accountability and taking immediate action to correct errors are important for both customers' safety and the pharmacy's reputation. Employers may want to evaluate your behavioral approach here too. Your answer to these pharmacy technician interview questions should include information on:

  • How would you go about fixing the error?
  • How would you help your team if a coworker slipped up?

How You Could Answer

"I've seen errors happening when the pharmacy is overwhelmed—and the technicians are rushing to get prescriptions filled as orders keep coming in. Such errors include filling the wrong medication or mixing up prescriptions for two different customers. I find that it's critical to acknowledge the error, apologize, and implement a solution immediately. No pointing fingers. We're all part of the same team and need to keep the pharmacy running efficiently. But if the mistake is a serious one—something I can't handle myself or if I see a coworker displaying unethical or suspicious behavior—I'll definitely notify my supervising pharmacist before taking any further action."

Question #6: How Do You Coordinate so That Prescriptions Are Filled on Time?

Ideally, pharmacies should be punctual with all prescriptions, but various factors can affect this—from inventory setbacks to the size of the community you're serving. Pharmacy technician interview questions like this one want to assess how you work with your team to make sure customers are suitably taken care of and satisfied:

  • What steps do you take to be efficient during high-volume hours?
  • How do you stay organized?

How You Could Answer

"Time management skills are central to the success of pharmacy technicians, and I'm very meticulous by nature, so at the beginning of each day, I'll look at the prescriptions we already have in the system. I'll arrange those by pick-up times, and I'll discuss any urgent orders with the staff and our supervising pharmacist. Once we're all on the same page, I'll fill out the prescriptions by order of priority."

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