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Career Horoscopes


Feb. 19 - Mar. 20

Pisces Career Horoscope

May 2021

by the AstroTwins

You’ll be busier than Santa Claus during the first three weeks of the month, Pisces. With the Sagittarius Sun in your ambitious and professional tenth house, you can make up for a whole year’s worth of lost time during this productive month. On December 14, a total solar eclipse in Sagittarius puts an exclamation point on your diligent efforts. You could find yourself staring at a jaw-dropping career or leadership opportunity—one that arrives when you least expect it.

The eclipse could also bring a major changing of the guard at your job, or maybe an announcement of an office closing and going all-remote. Whatever fortune delivers, embrace the new, take a winner’s mentality, and remind yourself repeatedly: “I’ve got this!”

If 2020 was all about collaborations and teams, now it’s time to attend to your creative and spiritual gifts and abilities. At the December 21 rare "Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn, your receptive and perceptive twelfth house is ablaze—and will be for all of 2021. It’s totally plausible now to regard the Law of Attraction as a business tool on par with your productivity apps (but let’s keep that, er, secret between us, Pisces). Can you find a sense of security in letting go of things you’ve outgrown—and making space for new opportunities to find you? Quiet the noise in your head with meditation and journaling so you can hear guidance from the universe, which will be stronger than ever.

Got bills? Stressful but motivating Mars has been in your money house for an extended six-month visit since June 27. This revved up the revenue for some Pisces—but may also have brought more expenses or possible COVID-related losses that left you scrambling. Mars will exit on Thursday, January 6, and move into your collaborative, communicative third house. You’ll feel relief in your wallet—and your workload.


Best Jobs for Pisces

Job Traits for Pisces

  • Imaginative and creative
  • Deep compassion and empathy
  • Adaptable nature
  • Works well independently and on a team
  • Powerful intuition

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