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Career Horoscopes


Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Scorpio Career Horoscope

November 2019

by the AstroTwins

It might not be tax season, but it’s time to “audit” yourself. With mindful Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and your first house of identity until November 20, stepping back to reflect on your goals, path and progress could be a powerful exercise to close out the decade. Since Mercury’s backspin can create delays anyhow, you can use this time to productively assess your life instead of anxiously checking your phone to see if that client prospect has responded to your pitch.

And if they haven’t? Silver lining, really. Energizer Mars is powered down in Libra until November 19, dragging through your sleepy twelfth house. Getting the mojo to “go for it” won’t be so easy during this internal time. But on November 19, the red planet will zoom into Scorpio until January 3 revving you up for the rest of the year. You’ll make up for lost time as your confidence and charisma spike. RSVP yes to all the holiday events. Mars only visits your sign every two years, so you won’t want to squander it!

Prior to that the November 12 Taurus full moon beams into your partnership house. You could be offered a contract or a chance to team up for mutual gain. Go easy while Mercury is retrograde until November 20, an unfavorable time to sign contracts (and if you must, read the fine print!). For best results, keep things in the exploratory phase. Now’s the moment to put that famed Scorpio sleuthing to the test: go beyond the basic Google search. Lurk on their LinkedIn. Scour their social media. Find out the company’s partnerships, know the bio of your soon-to-be supervisor. Get your ducks in a row because once Mercury stations direct (forward) on the 20th, it’s go time.

Start making (decisive) money moves on November 22, when the Sun moves into Sagittarius and your productive, prosperous second house for a month. The November 26 Sagittarius new moon could bring exciting opportunities for fresh income sources, new job leads or a savvy idea that could pay off in the coming six months!

Best Jobs for Scorpio

Job Traits for Scorpio

  • Focused with razor-sharp instincts
  • Observant and on top of everything
  • Able to dive deep behind the scenes
  • Loyal to a fault once trust is established
  • Not afraid to set boundaries or flex power

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