Four Tips for Superior Customer Service

Four Tips for Superior Customer Service

Many sales professionals neglect customer service and thus fail to reap the repeat business that is so important to success. Some serve their potential customers faster and with a higher level of empathy and enthusiasm than they serve their existing clients. Others may offer service depending on their clients' celebrity status.

Steve Hanson, a top-performing sales consultant for Gary Force Acura in Nashville, says, "Whether your clients are present customers or pending customers, your efforts shouldn't vary. When you are consistent, they will remember your efforts -- and return. Consistency breeds consistency."

Use the following four tips to ensure you provide a superior customer experience for all your clients.

1. Get Everyone Involved

Train your staff to listen and independently understand the customer's needs. Review challenges encountered in weekly meetings. Seek clear solutions by asking participants how they would handle certain situations. These role-playing exercises will strengthen your team's confidence and loyalty. Some companies reward their staff members with the privilege of making management decisions -- instead of having them ask their superiors to handle all customer-related challenges. If you motivate your people by getting them involved, you will create a more direct and efficient method of serving your customers, and thus a more satisfied client base.

2. Go Beyond the Call of Duty

Recently, when I was having dinner at a restaurant, a waiter with a pleasant demeanor approached me and asked, “Is everything OK?”

I responded with, “Yes, it is; hey, do you have a newspaper?”

“Let me check,” he replied.

While looking outside, I noticed the waiter leaving the building. Moments later, he returned with a crisp, unread newspaper. I was happily surprised with my experience and knew I would return to the restaurant. When you go beyond the call of duty, your customers will notice and come back for more.

3. Never Allow the Newness to Wear Off

Do you remember your very first day at your place of business? Although you may have been apprehensive, you were likely excited and motivated. You showed up on time and probably stayed late. As you got comfortable in your job, you may have slacked off. To be successful, you need to treat every day as if it were your first day; by remaining teachable, you will uncover opportunities that will ignite the positive energy required for you to excel. Always expect the best from yourself. Your attitude will shine through your work and enhance your customers' experiences.

4. Tailor Your Mission Statement to Your Customer

Superior customer service must define your overall mission. Adapt your mission to the mission of your customer. Your goal is to build your business for repeat business. Find out what your customers' needs are, and ensure you are actively working to fulfill these needs on a daily basis to secure your clientele.

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