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Time to Decide: To Move or Not to Move

Consider these factors before making the big decision to relocate for a first job or a new one

Time to Decide: To Move or Not to Move

You’ve always wanted to make a move to another state or country and you’re not 100 percent happy at your current job  so do you make the leap?

There are many things to consider when thinking about making the big move because a career is important but may not be everything. Take it from someone who moved across the country and back in a year.

You work to live not live to work

Your job is not your entire life. We work to make money to live, so if you are living in a place that makes you unhappy just to keep a job, it’s not worth it.

A great job is something we all want, but it’s only one part of your happiness. If you’re living in rural New Hampshire and really want to be living in downtown Chicago, even a great job may not be able to keep your from wanting to make that move.

Make sure you consider your family and friends and having a support system nearby. It took me four months to realize that a job across the country wasn’t work the distance.

What is there to lose?

Make a list of pros and cons and decide what is important to you. Is it important to be near your family? Is it important to be able to survive without a car and have access to public transportation? Do you want to work at a company that allows you to transfer cities?

Once you make this list and really think about what your needs are, it’ll be much easier to make the decision. 

Get creative

You may need to change the way you think about your career when you want to move to a new city. Temporary jobs, internships and volunteer work may be the best way to grow a new network. You may need to change the way you look at a “good job” and think more long-term when it comes to making new connections that could lead to future full-time salaried positions.

Sometimes, being in a place that makes you happy is worth a pay cut and a not-so-typical job.

The moral of the story is that your job is 40 to 50 hours of your week, but it’s not your entire life. If you’ve always wanted to move somewhere, now might be the time to go for it. If you keep an open mind, consider the pros and cons and weigh your priorities, it could lead to a much happier and fulfilling life. 

Monster Wants to Know: How important is where you live to where you work? Ever moved across country and the job not work out? Share with us in the comment section.

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