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Working at Vector Marketing, a Perfect Match For College Students

"The Vector experience has changed my life. I'm 10x more confident in myself and my ability to succeed in life"

Working at Vector Marketing, a Perfect Match For College Students

For many college graduates, it can take anywhere from 15 to 25 years to pay off student loans. But for 21-year-old Matt Foss, graduating debt-free is very much a reality. Only a junior at Arizona State University, Foss will start his post-grad life with a clean slate. How?

One word. Vector.

Every spring to summer season, the Vector Marketing Corporation recruits entry-level sales representatives for its 550 offices, mainly college students and graduates, ages 18 to 25, offering training, a flexible schedule and a solid income for paying off school expenses and student loans. As a single-level direct sales company, Vector Marketing is the primary distributor of Cutco cutlery and accessories produced by the Cutco Cutlery Corporation, the largest manufacturer of high-end kitchen cutlery in North America.

“I have learned incredible financial habits that have set me up to graduate debt-free and start saving for retirement at a young age,” said Foss. “The financial freedom is just incredible.”

Eighty-five percent of Vector Marketing sales representatives are students who are responsible for selling Cutco knives via in-home demonstrations or virtual demos, but don’t let the lack of sales experience bog you down. Vector Marketing is one of the few companies that gives people with zero experience and zero interest in a career in sales the opportunity to actually develop those skills in a professional setting.

"I knew I wanted something new and more fulfilling," said Foss, who started with Vector as an 18-year-old student working at Dunkin' Donuts. "I had never had a sales job before but I remember the products being amazing and the opportunity for growth appealing to me."

Regardless of the career path you pursue, sales skills are essential, says Vector, whether it’s selling yourself in a future interview, selling your ideas to a boss or colleagues, generating grant money, allocating resources toward causes you’re passionate about or getting funding for a new company or nonprofit. 

“There is an unlimited opportunity to move up and an unlimited amount of skills you can develop here. The most important thing for a college student in a job is experience if they want to set themselves up for a bright future," he said. 

A Day in the Life of a Vector Sales Representative

Foss says, "Workdays really vary which I love. No day is ever the same. I mainly have appointment days and show days though. I will usually work a trade show on the weekends when I don't have class and schedule a few days of appointments around classes."

"I will usually drive to about 5 to 6 different people's houses, who I have set up appointments with in advance, to sharpen their knives and show/sell them product while I am there. [It's] a ton of fun getting to be able to sit down and develop relationships with your client and help them get more of an awesome product that they love."

More than 15 million U.S. households have a Cutco product. Advancement for sales representatives includes roles as field sales managers, Cutco sales professionals, which can make $150,000 in career sales, and closing gift consultants.

Benefits to Help Your Career Soar

Many sales representatives work part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer or winter break, but whenever you’re able to work, Vector will provide you with the training and support you need.

In addition to flexible schedules, weekly pay, a base rate (varies depending on the cost of living) with unlimited earning potential and commissions starting at 10 percent and going as high as 30 percent — with an additional 20 percent bonus every month — Vector provides its sales representatives with strong support from management, in addition to excellent resume experience.

“The flexibility really appealed to me and I realized I had the opportunity to graduate debt-free and that has been my biggest motivation since,” said Foss. “They also seemed to have a very supportive group of people who really cared about each other and the success of their people."

The company has an extensive leadership training and life skills development program in place to encourage its college student representatives to not only succeed with sales of its products but to equip them with the tools and lessons necessary to succeed in life.

Every year, Vector Marketing gives away a total of $40,000 to full-time undergraduate students who excel at selling Cutco products. In the fall and spring, the top 25 students qualify and during the summer it’s awarded to the top 50. Foss has won five scholarships at the company and sold over $111K last year.

"My biggest goal was to graduate debt-free and I haven't had to take out a single loan so far," he said.  

A Great Philosophy

Vector Marketing is very proactive about helping people become successful and offers regular training opportunities, scholarships, a great work atmosphere, a highly supportive staff and trips based on performance.

“That is one of the main reasons I have stuck around. The people here are amazing and I’ve met some of my best friends through this company,” said Foss. "A future employer will take an average student with amazing communication skills, sales experience and time management skills over a 4.0 student working an average college job (drive-thru, valet, waiter/waitress, bartender, etc.) any day of the week. I really don't see a lot of positions that would benefit a college student's future career better than working with Vector," said Foss. 

"I have gained a lot of skills including how to recruit, interview, run trainings, motivate and inspire others into action, build rapport with just about anyone and learn the sales process in depth. I essentially learned how to run a business with others working for me as well as working for myself," he said. 

Vector Marketing also has internships available that can offer anywhere from one to 15 academic credits.

“This is the best job a young person in college can possibly have if they are self motivated. There is an unlimited opportunity to move up and an unlimited amount of skills you can develop here," said Foss. 

Vector Marketing is looking for team players with a great attitude who are great listeners, eager to learn and who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and provide great customer service.

"The Vector experience has changed my life. I am 10x more confident in myself and my ability to succeed in life and feel like I am headed in a good direction. I have met some incredible people along the way that I am sure I will have a relationship with for years to come. I have gotten to travel to Cancún, Puerto Rico, Punta Cana and the Bahamas all on incentive trips and multiple cities across America for conferences," said Foss. "I have learned a lot about personal growth and why it is so important to better yourself as a person and make investments in yourself."

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