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Dothan, AL Employment Information

Dothan, Alabama Overview Dothan, Alabama is known as the "Peanut Capital of the World." Since one-fourth of the ...

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Dothan, Alabama Overview

Dothan, Alabama is known as the "Peanut Capital of the World." Since one-fourth of the world's peanut crop is produced and processed in and around Dothan, it's a well-deserved nickname.

The city has also developed a thriving arts scene with an art museum, several theaters, a symphony orchestra, and a dance troupe -- impressive cultural amenities for a town with just over 66,000 residents.

Dothan is an affordable place to live. The cost of living is 9 percent less than in the rest of the country. The median home cost is $142,400. Rents are low in this town -- a one-bedroom averages $457. Renters can get a three-bedroom place in Dothan for what most of the country pays for a one-bedroom.

Dothan Job Opportunities

In 2013, Dothan opened Alabama's first college of osteopathic medicine to help fill the state's shortage of primary care physicians. Its first class will graduate in 2017. The Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine will have an estimated economic impact of $100 million by 2027. There are also other jobs in healthcare available in Dothan.

While agriculture is still the largest industry for Dothan jobs, it has a diverse economy. Retail sales and restaurants have seen enormous growth recently due to the large influx of tourists on their way to Florida beaches. Dothan is the largest town in the area, so it has become a favorite stopping point. This increase in the retail and hospitality industries has helped offset the economic difficulties faced by the loss of manufacturing jobs in the early 2000s, which means it's easy to find retail jobs in Dothan, AL.

The top employers for Dothan, AL jobs represent diverse industries, including healthcare, education, agriculture and energy. The Joseph M. Farley Nuclear Plant employs nearly 1,000 people. Its parent company, Southern Company, operates out of Birmingham, Alabama. Just three and a half hours away, Birmingham jobs are plentiful.

Dothan Employment Trends

The hospitality and construction industries are seeing the most growth when it comes to Dothan jobs. Though the city is experiencing a higher than average unemployment rate and industries like manufacturing are losing jobs, healthcare and transportation are experiencing higher than average growth.

The government's investment in economic growth opportunities like the osteopathic college will continue to bring revenue into this town. Its comparatively large size, relative to surrounding towns, attracts travelers on their way south and will help in rebuilding the economy. Opportunities abound in restaurants and hospitality.

The chamber of commerce and the city hope to continue to attract businesses in the aviation industry with Dothan's Fort Rucker -- the Army Aviation Center of the United States -- constituting a major draw and more openings for jobs in Dothan.

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