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Houston, Texas Overview Houston is the most heavily populated city in Texas and the fourth most populated city in the ...

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Houston, Texas Overview

Houston is the most heavily populated city in Texas and the fourth most populated city in the country. According to the 2012 US Census, the city had over 2 million residents. Founded in 1836, the city was named after former General Sam Houston. Originally Houston's economy relied on the railroad industry, but with oil discovery in 1901, the city's population has grown steadily since its founding.

In Houston, the housing market determines the cost of living. With housing costs at 22 percent less than the national average and cost of living 10 percent lower than the national average, Houston's cost of living won't put stress on your bank account. But with such low-cost of living, some new residents wonder if Houston has much to offer in terms of entertainment. Fortunately, downtown Houston has many dining options, a thriving theater district and houses the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

Houston Job Opportunities

Houston, Texas is home to the Texas Medical Center, which is the world's largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions. Healthcare jobs in Houston, from doctors to hospital maintenance workers, are prevalent because of this fact. More than 52,000 Houston residents work at the Texas Medical Center, making it a vital part of the market for jobs in Houston.

Job seekers can also find Houston, TX jobs in the energy, manufacturing and transportation fields, as the Port of Houston ranks second in the country with regard to total cargo shipped. Many residents looking for Houston jobs commute and find Pasadena jobs a good fit as well

Houston Employment Trends

The market for jobs in Houston, TX is in a noticeable recovery from the 2008 economic downturn. The city has enjoyed four years of rapid job growth, adding 337,300 jobs since 2010. The reason for the economic boom is largely due to the demand for energy, and one in five jobs created since 2010 are in precisely that field. Salaries in Houston are also on the rise. Since 2010, Houston salaries have increased a total of $22.8 billion. The energy field earns about a fifth of Houston's collective salary, but the same industry is responsible for one-third of the growth in salaries over the past four years.

Whether you're a recent graduate just starting out or you're looking to make a mid-career change, Houston may have what you're looking for. With various job opportunities and a growing economy, Houston may have the right job for you. What are you waiting for? Check out Houston jobs today!

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