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Spokane, Washington Overview Spokane, Washington, was settled in 1871 and named after the Native American tribe that ...

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Spokane, Washington Overview

Spokane, Washington, was settled in 1871 and named after the Native American tribe that inhabited the area. Since then, the city has flourished economically and is a great place to work. Spokane is one of the largest cities in Washington and the cost of living is 1.9 percent below the national average. The unemployment rate is in line with the rest of the United States at 6.8 percent. However, that percent is slowly dropping with new jobs in Spokane being created every year.

Spokane is a fun place to live and work because you have access to all of the city attractions, but you're not far from outdoor recreation. That means you can work hard during the day, enjoy the city activities at night, and go on great outdoor adventures on the weekends without traveling far or spending much. Spokane is an old city, but it is bursting with young people. The median age is 35 years. Plus, the median income for a household is $46,091 per year. The region is highly educated, but blue collar jobs are still plentiful and in high demand.

Spokane Job Opportunities

Blue collar jobs in Spokane, WA dominate, but it is slowly transitioning towards a service-oriented economy. This means there are opportunities in all sorts of industries. Spokane is actually number 128 on Forbes' list of best places for business and careers. If you extend your search to Seattle jobs, or even Portland jobs, there are endless work opportunities.

Several Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies operate from Spokane, bringing hundreds of job potential with them. Potlatch Corporation is a real estate company and Fortune 1000 company that is headquartered in the city. Itron, Key Tronic, Microcar and Red Lions Hotels Corporation are also major companies that have operations in Spokane. If you want to work for a stable and large employer, seek employment at one of these companies.

Spokane Employment Trends

Mining and agriculture have been major industries for Spokane jobs since the late 19th century. However, job opportunities have expanded to other industries, such as biotech and other technology sectors. The Northern Pacific Railway is part of the reason Spokane grew economically. In the early 1880s, the rail line connected Spokane's mining industry to the rest of the United States. There are still mining jobs in Spokane available today.

In addition to mining, agriculture is a major industry for Spokane, WA jobs with vineyards and microbreweries in the southern region known as Palouse. Opportunities for Spokane jobs also exist within transportation, medical, commerce, manufacturing and even entertainment. This makes Spokane an excellent place to seek employment.

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