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Armed Security Jobs

Facility Security Coordinator

Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, Inc.

Chicago, IL


Martinez and Company Security

Tampa, FL

Agent- Unarmed & Armed (Part-Time)


Winters, CA

Facility Security Officer

Signalscape, Inc.

Cary, NC

Security Guard


Reading, PA

Security Guard

Treasure Valley Community College

Ontario, OR

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers

Protection Plus

Indianapolis, IN

Armed Security Officers

Music Center

$17 - $20.25 / Per Year

Los Angeles, CA

Security Guard - Usher

Randstad USA

Medley, FL

Armed Security Jobs Overview

Any business will tell you their most important assets are their people and their property. That's why you'll find armed security jobs in many places, including factories, hospitals, stores, office buildings, banks, schools, and government facilities. To protect these facilities and the people who work in and visit them, an armed security guard's job consists of patrolling or controlling access to a building and monitoring alarm and video surveillance systems to spot unusual activity. They respond to emergencies and work closely with police, fire, and ambulance services in these situations.

More than half of all armed security jobs are with third-party companies that provide guards and security systems to businesses and facilities. The remainder are employed directly by the organizations they protect. Armed security is a job that cannot be replaced by automation. There will always be a need for trained and experienced security guards. Most jobs in this field have consistent hours that allow a work-life balance.

You can start your search for an armed security job by looking at protective services jobs. You can also work in a specific area of protective services with a search for:

Armed Security Guard Training and Skills

Employers will usually hire you for an armed security job with a high school diploma and then train you on the job. Most states require drug tests, background checks, and a set number of training hours to be certified for armed security positions. The most common state requirement is eight hours of pre-assignment training, 8 to 16 hours of on-the-job-training, and annual training. Along with gun training and certification, training classes for an armed security job can include information on:

  • deterring crises
  • first aid
  • protection
  • report writing

Qualities that are important for armed security guards include communication, interpersonal, observational, and problem-solving skills. You can read a full job description for a security officer in Monster's career library. You can also read more about how to become a security guard.

Update Your Armed Security Guard Resume

To get a job with a company or a private security firm, you'll need a resume that highlights your training, experience, and strengths. Take a look at this security guard resume sample to get started. Adding a cover letter to your application package demonstrates your communication skills, allows you to explain how your skills fit the job description, and tell an employer why you want to work for them. You can look at cover letter tips to help write your letter.

Interviewing for an Armed Security Job

When it comes time to interview for a job as an armed security guard, you want to make the best first impression. You can do just that by anticipating the questions you'll be asked and practicing your answers now. To help, we've put together a list of the top questions that come up in interviews.

How Much Do Armed Security Jobs Pay?

Depending on your location and years of experience, an armed security job will pay from $26,238 to $38,154. To get a better idea of where pay falls in your area, you can use our Salary Tools. Plug in a title and location, and you'll get the median salary that you can expect there. You can also see salaries for related jobs and where there's a high demand for security jobs.

Learn More About a Company Before Your Interview

What if you apply to work for a company you've never heard of? You don't want to go into your interview cold. Instead, take a look at Monster's company profiles. You'll find important information there that can help you to figure out if you want to accept a potential job offer, including:

  • a summary of the business.
  • when they were founded.
  • the number of employees.

Aim High for Armed Security Jobs

If your target is to find armed security jobs, you've come to the right place. Patrol the jobs here and then create a Monster profile. We'll put your information in front of top recruiters and employers who are looking for candidates with your background and experience. We'll also send you job postings and helpful job search tips right to your inbox.