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Assistant Manager Jobs

Assistant Manager

Break Time Convenience Store

Palmyra, MO

Assistant Manager/Front Desk

Southern Dental Alliance

Acworth, GA

Assistant Manager Casino Operations-Full Time (Harrah's Ak-Chin Casino)

Caesars Entertainment

Maricopa, AZ

Assistant Manager

Desert Lumber and Truss

Springfield, MO

Assistant Manager

ABC Millwork

Springfield, MO

Assistant Manager

Papa John's


Assistant Manager : $47K-$66K annually

Regents Pizzeria

San Diego, CA

Assistant Manager

Standard Lumber

Springfield, MO

Assistant Manager

Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region

Federal Way, WA

Assistant Manager Jobs Overview

If you often find yourself working as a liaison to try to organize and resolve issues between people, you might want to consider a career as an assistant manager. Assistant manager jobs are the link between management and staff. Assistant managers tend to work with employees more closely than managers do, who have more planning and organizational responsibilities.

An assistant manager typically reports to and supports a manager. Some examples of their tasks include:

  • hiring and training staff
  • managing employee schedules
  • preparing reports
  • evaluating work performance
  • handling customer complaints
  • resolving staff conflicts
  • delegating work
  • developing workplace strategies
  • communicating corporate information to employees

If you like working closely with a team, this job can be a great long-term career choice. Others see it as a stepping stone to a manager position. In fact, assistant managers often take on their supervisor's role when they're out of the office as the "acting manager." Some workplaces have several assistant managers covering different shifts or departments.

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Assistant Manager Training and Skills

The path to becoming an assistant manager differs depending on the size and industry of the business you're applying to work for. You might advance to this position without a college degree at a small business or in a store or restaurant. In other environments, you might need an advanced degree. Similarly, you may not need previous management experience if you get promoted from within. If you're joining a new company, however, you'll likely need previous experience supervising others.

As an assistant manager, you'll need to balance taking on a leadership role with staff with handling a supporting role with a supervisor. You'll do best if you're a natural leader who is also comfortable in a supporting role—as open to following directions as you are to giving them. Communication skills in general are a key requirement. You'll likely be responsible for training staff, so you should be good at teaching people new skills.

Multitasking, time management, and organizational skills are also essential for this job. Learn more in Monster's sample job description for an assistant manager.

Update Your Assistant Manager Resume

If you're looking for a job in retail or another sales-driven industry, make your resume stand out by including performance-driven numbers from previous jobs that show that you or your team helped to increase revenue or sales. Take a look at some examples in Monster's retail cover letter sample and assistant manager resume sample. Make sure to also review our resume writing tips and tips on writing the best cover letter.

Interviewing for Assistant Manager Jobs

Manager positions are people-focused jobs, so when you plan for your job interview, try to prepare for questions about your interactions with others. Some examples that may come up include:

  • Tell me about a time you gave constructive feedback to an employee.
  • How do you resolve conflicts between employees?
  • Do you have experience hiring and dismissing staff?

Make sure to also read Monster's guide to job interview questions, so you can get answers to common job interview questions ready in advance.

How Much Do Assistant Manager Jobs Pay?

Assistant manager salaries vary depending on company size and industry, but one common workplace is in retail. The salary estimate for an assistant manager in the retail industry is $37,163 a year in the U.S. You can use Monster's Salary Tools to find out how much you'll make in your position and in your location.

Have a Specific Company in Mind? Learn More About It on Monster

Assistant managers are common in the workplace, especially in the retail and service industries. If you know where you'd like to work, view our company profiles to learn more about a business. You can find out where they're located and their company history and see if they have any current job openings.

Monster Can Help You Find Assistant Manager Jobs

To get started as an assistant manager, begin by taking charge of your job search. Use Monster to search job listings, upload your resume, and set up custom job alerts all in one place. To use all the site features, make sure to create a profile.