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Office Manager

Millennium Aviation, Inc.

$45000 - $65000 / YEAR

Reading, PA

13 days ago
Clearance Specialist

General Entertainment Content

Los Angeles Air Forc, CA

1 day ago
Aerospace and Aviation Mechanics and Professionals

Randstad USA

Miami, FL

8 days ago
Project Architect, Aviation

JobTarget Recruitment Services

Jacksonville, FL

24 days ago
PT Cross-Utilized Agents $1,000 SIGN ON BONUS-Humboldt Co., CA

Trego Dugan Aviation

McKinleyville, CA

22 days ago
Forklift Operator

Randstad USA

DFW Airport, TX

11 days ago
Electrical Engineer, Aviation Buildings

JobTarget Recruitment Services

Denver, CO

20 days ago
AOG Controller

STS Technical Services

Erlanger, KY

2 days ago
Aircraft Technician, A&P Licensed

Michigan Aviation Co.

Waterford, MI

14 days ago

Aviation Jobs Overview

The aviation industry is essential in making the world go round, as it’s the only high-speed global transportation system. It facilitates international trade, boosts economic growth worldwide, allows for tourism in far-flung locales, and, of course, creates loads of employment opportunities. Despite setbacks brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the redeployment of aviation jobs is gaining traction, and the outlook over the next decade is looking strong too—and that counts for most types of workers throughout the industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), overall employment of airline and commercial pilots is expected to grow 5% through 2029 (a projection deemed faster than the average for all occupations). Same goes for aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians, as air traffic continues to increase over the next several years. Most notably, the demand for flight attendants should increase significantly (at an outstanding 17% growth rate), as many current employees retire and several airlines replace smaller aircraft with newer larger ones to serve more passengers at a time.

Additionally, there’s a potential swell in demand coming for pilots of helicopters and business jets (for the transport of cargo, medical supplies, and VIPs), along with aircraft painters, airline sales reps, fueling shift managers, and safety inspectors.

If you want to survey more options, take a tour of our comprehensive collection of transportation jobs. Or you can explore these specific roles too:

Aviation Job Education and Skills

The education and training requirements for aviation jobs vary greatly, depending on the position. We broke down some examples for you to get an idea of what to expect:

  • Commercial pilots only need a high school diploma (or the equivalent), while airline pilots need a bachelor’s degree. But both (and any pilots paid to fly) must obtain a pilot’s license (called a certificate) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Keep in mind that the requirements for airline pilots are quite rigorous too—from high scores on FAA exams to psychological screenings and aptitude tests.
  • Aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians usually get training through an FAA-approved aviation maintenance technical school, an apprenticeship, or the military.
  • Air traffic controllers have a few options. They can either get their bachelor’s or have three years of relevant work experience, or combine post-secondary education and work experience into a three-year cumulation. But many also opt for a degree through an FAA-approved Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program.
  • Flight attendants don’t typically need a bachelor’s. A high school diploma (or the equivalent) will do. But it certainly helps to have some work experience in customer service, and you’ll need a valid passport. You’ll also have to pass a background check and drug test. Proper appearance—devoid of visible tattoos and piercings, as well as any unorthodox haircuts—is important as well.

Additionally, the following skills should help you flourish in any position within the aviation industry:

  • readiness for critical thinking
  • reliability and honesty
  • propensity for accuracy and attention to detail
  • communication and people skills
  • adaptability and solidarity
  • a robust work ethic and an overall team spirit

Garner more intel with this article detailing how to become a pilot and this flight attendant job description from Monster.

Update Your Resume for Aviation Jobs

Are you already itching to launch into an exciting aviation career? Don’t blast off just yet. You’ll need to first draw up a resume fitting for the position you’re seeking. Start by going over Monster’s manifold resume tips. We also have some specific samples, including this flight attendant resume.

Meanwhile, we’d recommend that you add a cover letter to your job application to uniquely distinguish yourself as a candidate. Need some inspiration? Then gather some cues from our pilot cover letter and flight attendant cover letter examples.

Interviewing for an Aviation Job

Before you can take off, you may need to pass a round or two of interviews for most aviation jobs. But don’t fret—we can help you prep. Make sure to fully read over the job description and the organization you’re applying to, then review Monster’s guidance on how to nail any job interview.

How Much Do Aviation Jobs Pay?

Salaries in the aviation field depend on experience and the kind of position you’re going for. Currently, the yearly median salary for a pilot is $65,255, while it’s $27,594 for an aircraft fueler and $18.14 per hour for a flight attendant. Also, you can find estimated pay details for jobs in your location by using Monster’s Salary Tools.

Want to Learn More About a Company You’re Interested In?

We know you love aircraft of all stripes and colors, but finding the right airport, manufacturer, airline, or other company is key to your success in aviation jobs. Monster can help you discover the perfect fit through our company profiles, where you can find:

  • guides on top-rated aviation firms and airports
  • trends from the aviation industry
  • up-to-date aviation job listings

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