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Boilermaker Employment Information

Boilermaker Overview Boilermakers are responsible for the construction, repair and maintenance of industrial boilers ...

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Boilermaker Overview

Boilermakers are responsible for the construction, repair and maintenance of industrial boilers as well as any auxiliary steam boiler equipment required by or incidental to their function. They apply a diverse set of skills to this position. This makes them vital functionaries in any industrial company, garnering them excellent job security. Boilermakers will frequently work with multiple departments in a company as steam boilers are frequently utilized in multiple capacities. Boilermakers are usually expected to enter the role from an apprenticeship or through the position of pipefitter, machinist, or steam fitter.

Boilermaker Education Requirements

Most organizations are looking for at least a high school diploma or GED certificate, job certifications and experience. Boilermakers face numerous job requirements, but most of them come in the form of general, versatile competencies, including:

  • General mechanical knowledge
  • General construction knowledge
  • General math and engineering knowledge
  • Operation, process and quality control competency
  • Physical capability, including near vision and some heavy lifting
  • Diverse tool knowledge and capability, including pipe welding
  • General software competency, including all office programs and some Computer-Aided Design
Welding will always require some form of certification. Pipe welding is usually a separate certification from general welding and will be required as well. Employers may desire software certification if it will be a key element of the position. General education degrees will usually be sufficient for the various knowledge requirements when taken in conjunction with relevant industrial work experience.

Boilermaker Job Market

The job market for boilermakers is an optimistic one. Statistics indicate that there are 18,000 boilermaker jobs in the United States, and that the number will approach 18,700 by 2022. Approximately 880 job openings are predicted on a yearly basis, giving qualified boilermakers seeking work a number of compelling opportunities, especially if they are willing to relocate. The diverse skill set demanded by boilermaker jobs guarantees a high level of demand for qualified individuals.

Boilermaker Salary

The statistical median for boilermaker salaries is $56,000 per year. The lowest percentile earns $32,400 per year, and the highest percentile earns $80,000 per year. These are nationwide values.

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