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Computer Engineering Jobs

Electrical Design Verification Engineer (Silicon/Embedded Systems)

Fresh Consulting

Menlo Park, CA

2 days ago

McLaughlin Research Corp.

Middletown, RI

5 days ago
Engineer III- Electric Transmission System Operations Engineering (Richmond, VA) (RICHMOND, VA, US, 23227)

Dominion Energy


2 days ago
Sr. Python Engineer

Motion Recruitment

Phoenix, AZ

2 days ago
Senior Electrical System Engineer Lead

The Judge Group

Kent, WA

9 days ago
Software Engineer - Continuous Integration and Deployment

Find a job anywhere

Atlanta, GA

2 days ago
Data Engineer SME (2021-0139)

Acclaim Technical Services

Chantilly, VA

2 days ago
Data Engineer

April Health (Alphascript & Hoover Pharmacy)

Houston, TX

2 days ago
Electrical Engineer

Qualis Corporation

Huntsville, AL

2 days ago

Computer Engineering Jobs Overview

As more and more industries digitize, computer engineering jobs carry greater responsibility. Whether they're designing operating systems for heavy machinery or developing software applications that customers use to buy a company's products, computer engineers play a crucial role in the production process of any modern enterprise.

As a computer engineer, you are in charge of developing, testing and maintaining technical infrastructure. You'll also identify and solve issues affecting business operations as well as design and optimize solutions relating to company performance and/or data security. Many jobs require engineers to stand by for 24/7 on-call support.

If you enjoy working with computers and are always looking for an opportunity to challenge and refine your technical knowledge, you may want to consider computer engineering. Along the way, you'll also get the opportunity to become involved in a growing global network of coders and programmers.

While all computer jobs require some familiarity with basic coding, each comes with its own challenges and unique work environment. Some other computer jobs include:

Computer Engineering Education and Skills

As with any language, coding cannot be learned in a day. Computer engineering jobs require not only a substantial amount of formal education but also familiarity with computer programs. Almost every employer will want to see a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field.

On top of this, employers will also be looking for relevant experience in related industries like coding, programming, or tech support. Three to four years of experience is enough to attract attention from recruiters. Five or more will see you standing head and shoulders above other applicants.

Critical thinking skills and attention to detail will help you succeed in this highly competitive field. Problem-solving skills will also come in handy, as engineers spend most of their day trying to solve coding-related issues. Since engineers must report to other company departments that may not be as tech-savvy, excellent communication skills allow them to explain their progress in plain English.

For more information on what employers are looking for in computer scientist candidates, please take a look at our computer scientist job description sample.

Update Your Computer Engineering Resume

Tailoring your resume to each specific job application increases your chances of standing out from other applicants. Of course, rewriting your resume can be as difficult as writing one from scratch. If you're in need of some inspiration, Monster has you covered. On our website, you can look at samples for a mid-level engineering resume and a software engineer cover letter.

Interviewing for a Computer Engineering Job

Because computer engineering jobs come with a large number of responsibilities, employers want to make sure they hire the right person. This means aspiring engineers need to prepare for several rounds of interviews where employers will test the applicant's knowledge and determine if they're a good fit. Some interview questions you can expect include:

  • What are the key components that make up a computer system?
  • How many programming languages do you know, and how proficient are you in each?
  • How comfortable are you with machine learning and AI?

How Much Do Computer Engineering Jobs Pay?

Given the amount of training and education that computer engineering jobs require, it should come as no surprise that they provide people with a relatively high income. According to Monster's Salary Estimator, the median income for computer scientists in the U.S. is $94,016 a year. That said, salary can shift depending on seniority level and location. Check out our Salary Tools to find out what you might make in your city.

Want to Learn More About the Company You're Interested In?

When writing your cover letter or preparing for a job interview, it's important to demonstrate knowledge of the company you want to work with. This way, the recruiter will know that you're more interested in them than in other employers. Take a look at Monster's company profiles to find out specific details like a company's number of employees and corporate history.

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