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Heavy Equipment Operator Employment Information

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Overview Working with heavy equipment requires training and safety protocols to make sure ...

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Heavy Equipment Operator Job Overview

Working with heavy equipment requires training and safety protocols to make sure that the operator stays protected from any injury. Heavy equipment operators play important roles in a variety of different industries, including healthcare. Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are always looking for ways to improve their structures and layouts to produce a better experience for the patient. This is where heavy equipment operators come in: they use construction equipment to tear down and rebuild structures, walls and outdoor areas that need restructuring. Candidates who have an interest in working in healthcare construction can find jobs as equipment operators or in positions as Medical Equipment Delivery Drivers.

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Education Requirements

Most heavy equipment operator positions don't require education, since companies offer training while on the job to learn the specific tools and machinery. However, there are technical training programs that offer education and training in the operation of all types of heavy equipment. These training programs often include apprenticeships, where students train under a current heavy equipment operator to learn the trade and become familiar with each piece of equipment. Some jobs may require this education, although it is typically not a prerequisite to work in heavy equipment operation.

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Market

Recent statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate a growth of about 19 percent in heavy equipment operator jobs between 2012 and 2022. This is slightly faster than the average growth rate for occupations in the United States, so those who want to go into this field should be able to find opportunities. Working in a healthcare setting might give the employee better benefits, although that depends on the company. Those who learn how to operate a wide range of equipment will be able to find jobs more easily than those who don't have a lot of work experience.

Heavy Equipment Operator Job Salary Information

The median salary for a heavy equipment operator was $40,980 in 2012, which is higher pay than other similar positions that don't require formal education. There is some risk in working with heavy equipment, although employees who follow all safety protocols should be able to avoid injury. Similar positions might include working as a Medical Equipment Repair Technician or a driver who delivers heavy equipment. These jobs all require physical strength and abilities, yet provide the opportunity to aid in the vital role of providing medical care to patients.

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