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Medical Billing And Coding Jobs

Billing Coordinator

Liberty Personnel Services Inc

Miami, FL

18 days ago
Medical Biller

South Texas Center for Pediatric Care

San Antonio, TX

30+ days ago
Medical Billing Specialist

Denali Family Services

Anchorage, AK

5 days ago
Billing Specialist | Home Health

Wesley Homes

Kent, WA

15 days ago
Billing Specialist | Home Health


Kent, WA

15 days ago
Medical Biller

Renalliance Group

Brooklyn, NY

30+ days ago

South Peninsula Hospital

Homer, AK

30+ days ago
Billing Administrative Assistant

Acacia Counseling & Wellness

Goleta, CA

22 days ago

Medical Billing and Coding Jobs Overview

Medical billers and coders keep medical practices, clinics, and other healthcare providers in business by making sure bills are correctly coded and then paid. Medical billing and coding is an exact science. For example, did you know medical treatment after being bitten by a pig (once) is vastly different than a trip to the doctor for being struck by a pig during a second encounter? Professionals with medical billing and coding jobs know the two diagnoses are vastly different to an insurance company. So much so that if the wrong code (W55.41XA vs. w55.42XD) is entered on a medical bill, the patient won't be covered, and the medical practice will not be paid.

Medical billing and coding jobs are found in medical practices, insurance companies, and organizations that specialize in billing. Along with determining the correct code for medical services, a medical biller and coder prepares invoices for payment and insurance claims, tracks those payments, and corrects rejected claims. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in medical billing and coding jobs to increase by 8% over the next 10 years.

You can expand your search by looking for healthcare support jobs. You can also conduct searches for jobs with similar functions, such as:

Medical Billing and Coding Professional Training and Skills

Medical billing and coding jobs require candidates to have a certificate, diploma, or associate degree from a community college or technical school in medical billing and coding. Employers also look for medical billers and coders to have a Certified Professional Coder certification from the American Academy of Professional Coders or a Certified Coding Specialist from the American Health Information Management Association. These certifications indicate a coder knows how to review patients' records and assign the correct ICD-10-CM and CPT codes.

To do their job correctly, a medical biller and coder must know about anatomy, medical terminology, and finance. Medical billers and coders also need to pay attention to detail, have documentation and organization skills, excel at verbal communication, and exhibit professionalism. Here is a typical medical billing and coding job description to give you an idea of what employers are looking for. The Monster library also has an article about how to become a medical coder.

Update Your Medical Billing and Coding Resume

Is your resume "application ready," or does it need a refresh? Perhaps you don't have a resume yet. No problem. In either case, we have a sample health information technician resume you can follow to create a resume or improve your current resume. It can be tricky to know what to include in a cover letter. No worries—we have cover letter samples and cover letter tips to help you figure out what to include and what to leave out of your final draft.

Interviewing for a Medical Billing and Coding Job

You got an interview! That's great news. The not-so-great news? Interviews can be intimidating. It helps to know what medical billing and coding specialist interview questions to prepare for. For example, interviewers might ask you:

  • Which insurance programs have you billed?
  • Does your current employer use EMR or EHR?
  • How long does it take you to process one day's worth of patient visits or claims?

How Much Do Medical Billing and Coding Jobs Pay?

Want an estimate of how much you can expect to make before you apply to a job? Depending on your job title, the median pay for a medical biller is $16.99 an hour while a medical coder earns a median of $20.88 an hour. A medical records and coding supervisor's median salary is $63,851. Monster's Salary Tools can help you determine what a fair wage is for your job title in your location. The salary tools page also has links to the latest job postings and what metro areas are paying medical billers and coders the most.

Want to Learn More About a Company You're Interested In?

It's good to know a bit about a company before you walk in for an interview—that in-depth company knowledge can sometimes be the determining factor in whether you land a job. Our company profiles can give you a heads-up about the company's:

  • Employee benefits.
  • Mission statement.
  • Additional training they offer.

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