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Medical Technologist Employment Information

Medical Technologist Job Overview Medical technologists are allied health care professionals who work in hospitals, ...

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Medical Technologist Job Overview

Medical technologists are allied health care professionals who work in hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, medical laboratories, doctor's offices, and colleges around the world. They collect samples from patients as well as perform a variety of tests to analyze body tissues, bodily fluids, and other samples. The most common job duties of a medical technologist may include:

  • Analyzing bodily fluids, then recording those findings.
  • Supervising medical laboratory technicians.
  • Recording information that's gathered from laboratory tests.
  • Operating complex laboratory equipment.
  • Updating patients' medical records with the information gained from medical tests.
  • Discussing the results of lab tests with doctors.

Candidates who are great at working solo may enjoy working as a medical technologist. They need to have a great deal of physical stamina and the ability to use technology well. People who aim to be medical technologists don't need to hone their people skills as well as physicians and nurses who deal more often with patients, but they should still have a professional demeanor at all times in the work place.

Medical Technologist Job Education Requirements

Most medical technologist positions require that hopeful candidates hold at least a bachelor's degree in medical technology or a related field. Also, many states require that medical technologists be licensed. Those who don't want to pursue further education than an associate's degree may pursue other positions, such as medical technician jobs and medical and clinical laboratory technician jobs.

Medical Technologist Job Market

From 2012 to 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an approximate growth of 14 percent in medical technologist jobs. That means that there should be around 22,700 new jobs, which will bring the total of medical technologist jobs to over 187,100 in all by 2022. The demand for laboratory personnel in general will be growing because more people than ever will have access to health care, and there is also a significantly growing aging population. With that, comes the need for medical technologists to help perform tests that help diagnose a variety of medical conditions.

Medical Technologist Job Salary Information

Medical technologists earned an average annual salary of approximately $57,580 in 2012. Those who were working in the lowest-paying ten percent of medical technologist positions earned an average of $39,580, while the highest paid medical technologists commanded an annual salary of over $78,900. While medical technologists who work in laboratories that keep more traditional business hours can expect a steady schedule of weekday work, those who work in hospitals and other facilities that are always open may need to work on weekends as well as overnight or evening hours.

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