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Physician Employment Information

Physician Job Overview Physicians diagnose and treat people who are ill or injured. They examine several patients each ...

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Physician Job Overview

Physicians diagnose and treat people who are ill or injured. They examine several patients each day and perform multiple tasks within each exam. They have a great number of responsibilities, and they play many roles as health care provider. From bearing the burden of delivering devastating news to joy of sharing great news, physicians have to maintain a professional, caring demeanor at all times under a wide variety of pressure-filled circumstances. The most common job duties that a physician may have on a daily basis might include:

  • Examining patients.
  • Taking patient's medical histories.
  • Administering a variety of vaccinations, depending on the patient's needs.
  • Updating charts to show current data on patients.
  • Ordering tests that nurses or other healthcare professionals carry out.
  • Reviewing test results to identify health problems or risks.
  • Designing a plan on treatment.
  • Recommending a plan of treatment.
  • Talking to patients about how to best take care of their health as a means of preventative care.

Physicians must be very dedicated to their profession because it means many years of schooling. Also, many physicians are on call to work at any time, and physicians often work nights and weekends.

Physician Job Education Requirements

In order to work as a physician, one must complete four years of school to earn a bachelor's degree, another four years of medical school, and then three to eight years in residencies and internships. There is no getting around these very strict requirements. Medical schools are extremely competitive, so those who wish to become physicians should apply themselves and try to do very well as an undergraduate in school. Physicians typically work alongside other health care professionals. Those who want to work in the medical field but are not committed to that much schooling may pursue working as anurse or a registered dietitian. These jobs have fewer responsibilities and education requirements, but they also come with considerably lower pay and prestige.

Physician Job Market

Physician job growth is expected to grow at a rate of approximately 18 percent from 2012 to 2022 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This significant increase in jobs means that there will be an approximate total of 814,700 jobs for physicians available in 2022. In the future, job prospects will be increasingly good for physicians in rural areas as well as those who work in lower-income districts. Physicians that specialize in health issues that are thought to affect baby boomers as they become the elderly population may also find plenty of work available.

Physician Job Salary Information

Physicians earned an average annual salary of approximately $220,942 in 2012. Physicians are among the highest paid of any working professionals. Physicians who specialize in a field earn even more. For example, physicians who specialize in anesthesiology earned $431,977 per year. Physicians are likely to remain very well-compensated for the challenging work that they do.

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