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Substation Electrician Jobs

Apprentice/Technician/Journey Substation Technician Kearney, NE

Nebraska Public Power District

Kearney, NE

Substation Technician

North American Substation Services

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, NC

Substation Relay Test Specialist

Randstad USA

Atlanta, GA

Journey Substation Technician (Electric Distribution Substations)

City of Lubbock

Lubbock Power & Light Distribution Office, TX

Relay Technician

City of Garland, TX

Garland, TX

Substation Maintenance Technician Apprentice

Oge Energy Corp

Enid, OK

Substation Test Technician

Global Talent Resources, Inc

Albany, NY

Apprentice through 1st Class Relay Technician in Montpelier

Green Mountain Power

Montpelier, VT

Senior Substation Technician


Tulsa, OK

Substation Electrician Jobs Overview

Electricity powers everything from computers and water heaters to hair dryers and even cars. A disruption in electricity can wreak havoc on our daily lives. That’s why substation electrician jobs are so important. Substation electricians inspect and maintain substation electrical equipment, ensuring that consumers continue to receive a continuous supply of electricity.

Substation electricians work with substations, which regulate voltage from electrical generators, transmitters, and distribution systems. Your day-to-day duties as a substation electrician will likely include testing and inspecting equipment, diagnosing problems, and making repairs where necessary. If you’re interested in an opportunity to work with substations, read on to learn how to get hired.

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Substation Electrician Skills and Training

Getting a substation electrician job requires at least a high school diploma, some secondary education, and work experience. Many technical schools, career institutes, and community colleges offer programs designed for substation electricians. Coursework in this field covers electronic devices, AC and DC electronics, microcontrollers, and hands-on training. Entry-level substation electricians may need to work under the supervision of a seasoned technician while developing the skills needed to work independently.

Certification isn’t required for this field, but having it can boost your employability. You can find plenty of certification options offered by the Electronics Technicians Association International and the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians. You’ll likely need to meet certain prerequisites and pass an exam to qualify for certification.

The skills and qualities applicable to substation electricians include:

  • the ability to identify color-coded wires and parts of electronic systems and equipment.
  • good communication skills when working with customers and clients.
  • physical strength and stamina.
  • mechanical and technical skills for repairing equipment.
  • good troubleshooting skills when diagnosing problems with electrical systems.

Update Your Substation Electrician Resume

When you apply for a substation electrician job, employers want to see that you know what you’re doing. Listing your skills and qualifications is a great way to demonstrate that. If you’re not sure how to properly write and format your resume, no problem. Monster can show you how to list those skills clearly to maximize your chances of getting an interview. We also have a journeyman electrician resume sample you can use as a visual guide for formatting your resume.

A cover letter is a surefire way to make yourself stand out when you apply. Before you attach a cover letter to your resume, make sure it provides a brief introduction to yourself, your skills, and your accomplishments. Also show some enthusiasm for your field and discuss why you should be chosen as a top candidate. Use our cover letter writing tips to learn how to get started. We also encourage you to browse through our cover letter samples to get an idea of what a top-tier cover letter looks like.

Interviewing for Substation Electrician Jobs

Meeting with a potential employer for the first time can be nerve-racking. You may be concerned about the kind of impression you’ll make or what questions you’ll encounter. Don’t worry—Monster will give you the tools you need to ace that upcoming interview.

Start preparing by reading our list of common interview questions, such as “Why should we hire you?” or “Tell me about yourself.” Give yourself plenty of time to practice your answers, so you can build a solid rapport with your interviewer.

How Much Do Substation Electrician Jobs Pay?

Substation electricians in the U.S. earn a median hourly wage of $28.44, but pay in this field can range from $19.16 to $39.87 per hour. Your pay will likely depend on your experience and location. Find out for yourself by searching your job title and location on Monster’s Salary Estimator. You can also learn about where substation electricians are in high demand and compare your salary with those for similar jobs.

Want to Learn More About a Company You’re Interested In?

At Monster, we encourage you to conduct your own research on potential employers to decide if they’re the right fit. We’ve created our company profiles tool so job seekers can get access to basic information, such as:

  • how many people work for the company.
  • where the company is headquartered and located.
  • what positions the company is hiring for.
  • what the company’s mission statement is.

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