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Tutor Job Overview Tutors provide educational assistance to those who struggle in certain subjects. There are several ...

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Tutor Job Overview

Tutors provide educational assistance to those who struggle in certain subjects. There are several job options for those who want to go into this industry. As the technological world continues to advance, the opportunities for online tutors have grown exponentially. An online tutor can assist a student living in any part of the world, and this option helps students and their parents save time and money by not having to drive to the tutoring location. Another option is to earn income while in school pursuing a degree by working as a peer tutor.

Tutor Job Education Requirements

The educational requirements for tutoring jobs depend on the level of the position. For example, an online tutoring position might require a bachelor's degree in the field in which the tutor will offer assistance. However, most peer tutoring positions only require demonstrated knowledge of the subject matter, since this is necessary in being able to teach and explain it to others. Some peer tutoring positions offered through university settings might be volunteer jobs, but any experience is beneficial to those who want to pursue a career in tutoring. Some tutoring jobs will also require a teaching certificate to qualify.

Tutor Job Market

The job market for tutors should grow by 8-14 percent between 2012 and 2022. As students continue to struggle with certain subjects in school, the availability and knowledge of a tutor is important in helping those students to learn math, science, languages and other subjects. As rates of learning disabilities continue to rise in the United States, parents and teachers will rely more heavily on tutors to aid these students in learning the subjects and achieving success in the classroom. Another job opportunity is working as a resident tutor in a private school or treatment facility.

Tutor Job Salary Information

The median salary for a tutor in 2013 was $42,970 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who enjoy working with younger students can also look for job options as elementary school teacher aides, which might include job duties such as helping students learn or improve their reading and writing skills. Online tutors tend to earn higher wages, since they can often provide more sessions in a shorter period of time. Most tutors earn money based on the number of hours in which they provide tutoring services, so there may be part-time positions available, as well.

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