5 companies with crazy fun perks

If at-work massages, lip-syncing battles and free dry cleaning sound good to you, apply for a job at one of these places.

5 companies with crazy fun perks

You spend a big chunk of your life at work, so when it comes time to decide on a new job, there are some intangibles that might sway you. Intangibles being, of course, perks—or “culture.”

Indeed, 77% of millennials said culture is just as or more important to them than salary and benefits, according to a report last year by Virgin Pulse.  More to the point, 30% of millennials surveyed by Aon Hewitt said they’d like to see their office atmosphere become more “fun.” The message got through to many employers, which are offering some pretty awesome perks to attract and retain young talent.

If you’re looking for a job at a company with a fun office culture—why wouldn’t you be?—put these five companies on your radar.

1. AOL

What the company does: Originally a dial-up Internet service provider, AOL now has a number of digital services and products, including content (the company owns brands such as The Huffington Post, Engadget, and TechCrunch), advertising and MapQuest.

Locations hiring: Global

Number of employees: 6,500

Perks offered: If lip sync is your jam, AOL might be your dream company, because lip sync battles have been known to occur—along with happy hours, Ping-Pong and foosball. If you prefer chillaxing, they’ve got chair massages, nap rooms, free drinks and snacks. And workout lovers can take advantage of onsite fitness classes.

Why the company offers these perks: “AOL's biggest asset is our people,” says Andrea Marston, senior director of talent acquisition. “Offering these perks helps keep AOLers happy and excited to come and have a productive work environment.”

What kind of employee the company is looking for: “Our industry is changing quickly, and we need those that can innovate and embrace change,” says Marston. “We look for candidates who want to make an impact, while working in a fast-moving company. ”

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2. Adobe

What the company does: Adobe offers a broad assortment of computer software and web design products, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Flash.

Locations hiring: Global

Number of employees: More than 15,000

Perks offered: Adobe’s idea of fun ranges from blissing out in their meditation room to burning off steam with kickboxing and Pilates classes. They also offer very practical perks, including vehicle-maintenance service, haircuts and a farmer’s market. End your workweek by kicking back and relaxing at a TGIF event with free food and drinks.

Why the company offers these perks: “Adobe believes its employees are its greatest assets, and aims to reward them by providing programs that allow for employee satisfaction and growth opportunities,” says Natalie Kessler, head of talent branding.

What kind of employee the company is looking for: “Our employees are creative, innovative, collaborative and respectful,” says Kessler. “We value intellectual curiosity and seek prospective employees with a hunger for continuous learning.”

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3. Patagonia, Inc.

What the company does: Patagonia is known for outfitting the world for adventure with its line of sustainable outdoor apparel.   

Locations hiring: Headquarters in Ventura, California; distribution center in Reno, Nevada; and retail locations across the U.S.

Number of employees: 2,200

Perks offered: Its Ventura and Reno offices offer on-site child care, cafes and, most important, flextime based on weather conditions. Translation: Employees can go surfing when the waves are good and skiing when there’s fresh powder.

Why the company offers these perks: “Patagonia was built on passion for outdoor pursuits,” says PR and communications coordinator Corey Simpson.Flextime schedules allow employees to pursue their various passions, [and] our on-site child care allows parents to enjoy a work environment with their family nearby.”

What kind of employee the company is looking for: “We want people who are comfortable jumping in with no hand holding, and can shift directions quickly based on the needs of business and goals of the team,” says Simpson. “We also want people who are interesting and who you would love to grab a beer with.”

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4. Yahoo!

What the company does: Yahoo! may have started as a search engine, but it’s grown into a multifaceted technology company that has news content in addition to instant messaging and email services.

Locations hiring: Global

Number of employees: 8,800

Perks offered: What perks don’t they offer? Select locations have on-site fitness centers, yoga, basketball and volleyball courts, massage services, haircuts, dental care, dry cleaning, car washes, and free breakfast, lunch and dinner. Events include a summer picnic, weekly farmers’ market, Oktoberfest festival, children’s holiday party and baby showers for new parents.

Why the company offers these perks: “[We want] our employees to feel excited about coming to work every day and making a difference,” says Carolyn Clark, director of communications.

What kind of employee the company is looking for: “We look for explorers and risk takers to join our imaginative teams,” says Clark. For college seniors looking for their first job, “having solid skills and experience, as well as proven academic excellence, gives students an advantage,” says Clark.

Although Yahoo! was recently bought by Verizon, the Yahoo! benefits will continue until at least the beginning of 2017, according to a company spokesperson. So get in now to enjoy them!

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5. Intel

What the company does: Intel manufactures an array of tech products, including processors, chipsets, server motherboards, PCs, cable modems and tablets, among other devices.

Locations hiring: Global

Number of employees: 107,000

Perks offered: Some offices offer on-site car washes, dry cleaning, 24/7 fitness centers, foosball, Ping-Pong tables, volleyball and basketball courts, and free snacks and drinks.

Why the company offers these perks: “Intel offers a wide range of benefits and on-site perks to make the company a place where employees want to do their best work,” says Ellen Healy, senior public relations manager.

What kind of employee the company is looking for: “Our work environment is fast-paced and teams are based globally, requiring employees to have strong communications skills and be tolerant of diverse perspectives,” says Healy. She says they look for people who can make quick decisions and clearly communicate them to key partners. “We also value a passion for innovation and the ability to anticipate industry shifts in order to optimize their work.”

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