9 companies with solid mentorship programs

If you're serious about getting ahead at work, a mentor can show you the ropes. These companies have programs in place—and they're hiring now

9 companies with solid mentorship programs

Employee mentorship programs are a great asset to a company.

When you start any new job early in your career, you’re kind of flying blind: You’ve got to figure out your day-to-day duties and catch up to your coworkers in terms of understanding company priorities, while simultaneously trying to think ahead to where you’ll go from here and how you’ll get there. It’s kind of intimidating to say the least. Employee mentorship programs can make it easier.

There’s no doubt that having a mentor can help fast track your success—but how do new hires and young professionals find the right career sherpa to guide them?

You can look outside of your company (which requires serious networking skills), ask someone you admire for their help (which feels like asking someone on a date!), or  if you’re lucky, you’ll end up working at a company that has formal mentorship or development programs already in place.

Realizing that young workers crave mentorship, a growing number of companies have begun offering the latter. Such programs are in the company’s best interest as much as yours: Millennials who say they want to stay with a company for more than five years are twice as likely to have a mentor than not, according to a 2016 study by Deloitte.

So, if you want to benefit from the wisdom of seasoned professionals—without having to beg those seasoned pros to work with you—check out these 10 companies with solid corporate mentorship programs. All of these happen to be hiring right now in multiple locations across the U.S.

1. Sodexo

What the company does: Sodexo is a food services and facilities management company.

Number of employees: 420,000

Program offered: Sodexo's Future Leaders Internship Program offers paid full-time and paid part-time spring programs in a variety of areas including food service management, environmental services, facilities management, and human resources. Interns are matched with managers at Sodexo to help them explore career possibilities at the company.

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2. Time Warner Cable

What the company does: Time Warner Cable is a cable telecommunications company.

Number of employees: 56,600

Programs offered: Time Warner Cable’s employee mentorship program matches mentors and mentees for so that both parties can benefit. The mentee works on their skills and development goals, while the mentor builds his/her skills as in an advisory role.

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3. Caterpillar

What the company does: Caterpillar operates in a variety of industries, from the manufacturing of heavy equipment and engines to financial services.

Number of employees: 114,000

Programs offered: Caterpillar offers professional development programs that allow early career employees to rotate throughout different departments over the course of two to three years. During these immersive experiences, employees not only get hands-on learning, they develop relationships with senior management as well as the program mentors.

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4. Intel

What the company does: Intel is a technology company that makes semiconductor chips for computers.

Number of employees: 95,000

Programs offered: Intel runs a long-standing program that matches employees with mentors (in-person or virtual) and based on the skills and interests of the mentee. Participants must fill out a questionnaire, which then is used to match them with other qualifying employees who can teach them the skills they desire to learn.

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5. General Electric (GE)

What the company does: GE operates in a number of different industries, including power, transportation, healthcare, and medical devices.

Number of employees: 305,000

Programs offered: GE offers students and graduates a variety of internships, co-ops, and leadership programs that allow them to collaborate with industry leaders and receive active coaching.

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6. Deloitte

What the company does: Deloitte is a professional services firm offering auditing, consulting, tax and other financial services.

Number of employees: 225,000

Programs offered: Within the first year of employment, most workers attend Deloitte University for training and education on a variety of industries, client needs, and the changing business landscape. There are other internal programs dedicated to professional growth. As part of Deloitte’s Emerging Leaders Development Program, employees from under-represented populations are paired with mentors from the partner, principal or director level. These mentors agree to commit at least two years to help shape their careers and navigate Deloitte’s professional organization. In addition, Deloitte launched a digital mentoring program for graduates, D-180, as part of its community response efforts to COVID-19. 

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What the company does: KPMG is a professional services company offering auditing, tax, actuarial and other financial services.   

Number of employees: 174,000

Programs offered: At KPMG, which is known as one of the “big four” accounting firms, many new employees are faced with arduous CPA and actuarial exams. So the company offers a CPA Training and Mentorship Program. This program is designed to connect candidates with a peer support community and a CPA program manager and coach to provide mentorship as they go through the training and exam process.

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8. Boeing

What the company does: Boeing manufactures commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems.

Number of employees: 50,000

Programs offered: As part of Boeing’s rotational program, early-career professionals can experience work life in the  business, engineering, HR or IT departments for approximately two years. Employees are paired with a mentor at the senior manager or executive level. According to the company’s website, “The purpose of this mentorship is to build a strong relationship between you and a Boeing leader to help establish short- and long-range career goals.”

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9. Liberty Mutual 

What the company does: Liberty Mutual is the sixth largest property and casualty insurer in the world.

Number of employees: 45,000+

Programs offered: Liberty Mutual offers extensive career development for new grads and early career professionals as part of their “graduate opportunities.” This includes a mentorship track in which senior managers are paired with entry-level workers to guide assignments and provide coaching and leadership training.

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