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Best Jobs for Working Dads

Best Jobs for Working Dads

Best Jobs for Working Dads

By Catherine Conlan,
Monster Contributing Writer

While working mothers have been prioritizing job flexibility for years, it’s becoming increasingly important for new dads as well. Paternity leave, once almost unheard of, is now a perk that many new or soon-to-be fathers seek out when looking for new jobs. Men are also looking at flexible schedules that can help them take on a greater share of child-rearing.

Compensation experts at PayScale have put together a list of jobs that often provide a lot of flexibility and other benefits for new fathers. If you’re a new or soon-to-be father looking for jobs that make it a little easier to balance your work and family life, keep some of these career fields in mind as you search.

Jobs in the technology sector scored well on the PayScale report. A software design engineer in test (SDET) reported a median salary of $97,000 for 5 to 8 years of experience. SDETs write code and develop software that tests other software.

An information systems audit manager directs testing of information systems for data security and integrity, and develops plans to direct and coordinate such analysis. Median salary: $94,500.

A systems engineer makes a median salary of $74,400; the job is a wide-reaching one that generally ensures all the different parts of a project can work together efficiently and effectively throughout the course of the project. Logistics, risk management and coordination skills are required.

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Senior strategy analysts reported a median salary of $86,600. Job duties for this position depend on the employer and the data analyzed. This position may involve managing a team of analysts or researchers and making recommendations on the team’s findings. Data could be based on finances or sales, for example, and the strategy could be internal or external.

A management program analyst is usually a governmental position that examines and evaluates programs instituted by federal agencies. They may develop cost analyses or skill evaluations, and may even participate in evaluating any proposed changes in an agency’s or department’s mission. It has a median salary of $73,800.

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A loan operations specialist reported a median salary of $37,600. Job duties include processing loan disbursements, bookings and payments, and maintaining loan files. The position may require filing reports, and communicating with both internal and external customers.

Fund accounting manager also ranked highly on criteria for dads. Duties may include preparing filings for the Securities and Exchange Commission, preparing reports and financial statements, analyzing financial information and helping fund accountants with issues or questions. The position reported a median salary of $62,200.

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