Best Jobs for Working Mothers

Looking for more work-life balance? These eight careers are mom-friendly, offering good pay, flexible schedules, and/or family-friendly benefits.

Best Jobs for Working Mothers

Eight jobs for working mothers

Are you a mom looking for a job? Would you like to have more work-life balance and spend less time scrambling for a babysitter? We’ve found eight great careers that are mom-friendly, with schedules that won’t keep you away from the kids for too long.     

Katie Bardaro, vice president of data analytics at online salary database, says several characteristics make a job desirable for working mothers, but one key consideration is flexibility. “Moms have to carefully balance work demands with home demands and having a flexible schedule makes this balancing act less precarious,” Bardaro says. “The ability to work part time during school hours, take time off to watch over a sick child, or even work from home makes for a good work-life balance.”

The following jobs are potentially desirable for working mothers, because they offer at least one of the following characteristics: well-paying, part-time employment; a flexible schedule; the ability to work from home part time; paid maternity leave; and/or good daycare benefits.

Read on to learn about eight rewarding jobs that can help you embrace motherhood—and professional success.

Dental Hygienist

Median Annual Pay: $67,300
Dental hygienists often work part-time hours, making it possible to still make the kids’ soccer games and doctor’s appointments. But it’s this job’s well-paying potential that makes moms smile.

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Median Annual Pay: $59,900
Women are nurturers by nature, so it’s no surprise that many mothers are drawn to this career in Chinese medicine and healing. Independent practitioners often set their own hours.

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Market Research Analyst

Median Annual Pay: $59,500
Moms often must be detail-oriented to keep their children safe, healthy and on schedule. They can harness that valuable skill to help marketing firms figure out what’s important to a company based on available market data. Many contractors work from home.

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Median Annual Pay: $58,300
Since healthcare is an around-the-clock industry, mothers can work shifts around car pools and school schedules. Maternal bonus: You can share ultrasound moments with expectant mothers.

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Web Developer

Median Annual Pay: $55,400
Want to tap your creativity to help build Web sites? Many people work as independent contractors in this career. Although deadlines are generally dictated by clients, stay-at-home moms can set their own work schedules.

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Pilates/Yoga Instructor

Median Annual Pay: $53,600
Many Pilates/yoga instructors are self-employed, so part-time and flexible schedules are a possibility. Instructors at a gym or studio may be able to swap classes to help each other tend to unexpected commitments.

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Fitness Trainer

Median Annual Pay: $43,600
Stay in shape while helping others lose weight, in what the Bureau of Labor Statistics says is a fast-growing career. A flexible schedule and good pay potential make this an attractive job for motivated moms.

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Elementary School Teacher

Median Annual Pay: $40,600
If you’re quick-minded, creative and enjoy being around children, working as an elementary school teacher could make sense. You can keep roughly the same hours as your kids and get summers and school holidays off.

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Find the right balance

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Source: All salary data provided by online salary database Salaries listed are for full-time workers with five to eight years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions, or profit sharing.